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3D Animation Videos

Increase your audience's receptiveness to your brand or products. Our 3D animation experts can produce realistic looking scenes that effortlessly conveys your core message.

2D Animation Videos

Illustrate your products or services in a simple way. We create impactful 2D animation videos that effectively communicate with your audience and maximize the impact of your brand

Infographics Videos

Captivate your audience with intriguing statistics and information. We create infographic videos that transforms plain data into compelling animated graphics for a stronger impact.

Explainer Videos

Enable your audience to understand your products or services with ease. We are experts in creating effective explainer videos that breaks down complex products into simple ideas.

Animation + Live-Action

Augment the impact of your live-action video with animation. We mix animation with live-action videos to illustrate features and benefits of the product which is difficult to show on-screen.

Whiteboard Animation Videos

Educate and engage your audience easily. We create clear and concise whiteboard animation videos will get translate your message and gain more loyal followers for your brand.

Who Are We?

Studio 52 - Bringing Your
Ideas To Life

Studio 52 can bring your ideas to life. We can convey complex information in a simplistic and entertaining way.

Studio 52 is a creative video production house made up of directors, scriptwriters, animators, video editors, and producers.

We employ creativity and strategic thinking backed by our specialist knowledge and insights to create videos that help achieve your goals. As a result, your videos have fresh and compelling stories that resonate with your audience and persuades them to act.


Trusted By Incredible Clients

We've worked with large, medium, and small organizations from every industry.

Course Of Action

How We Work?

Share Project Brief

You share your project requirement,objectives,ideas,and references.

Create Concept Note

We'll create a video story concept note that displays our creative ideas and plan.

Confirm Project

You approve the concept note, agree on scope of work and finalize project timelines.

Create Script + Storyboard

Our creative team will create script and storyboard to illustrate directions, dialogues, and creatives planned.

Plan Production

Our expert crew of creative directors and animators will create animation drafts for you to approve.

Final Video Delivery

After you approve the drafts, we'll deliver the final video to successfully complete your project.

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