Some facts about how our timelapse videos is useful to market your brand

YES YOU NEED A TIMELAPSE VIDEO NOW! Here’s why…. Progress. Evolution. Change. It’s not so surprising that we are living in a modern world that keeps adapting to various changes. These changes happen so rapidly that we may never keep track of each step that we [...]

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Are you marketing to Millennials? Here’s why you should invest in social video marketing and viral videos

Capturing the Millennial Market: Taking advantage through Social Media The world is going digital. And modern technology is evidently the new form of media. If we would be looking at the demographics, a big percentage of millennial people spend most of their time on their Social [...]

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From Scratch to Structured: The power of Time Lapse

How are things made? Back in our childhood years, we’ve all been fascinated by how things around us are made. We wonder how the simplest of objects to skyscrapers are planned and conceptualized, and are finally completed. Regular visits to these development areas would take so [...]

What is the prudent choice these days to keep customers from hanging-up?

Any company, regardless of size should always endeavor to achieve quality customer service. This ensures that you can retain the customers you have but also makes it easier to attract new customers through your reputation. A rising frustration for customers is poor communication, most notably frustrating [...]

Your aging and experienced workforce is retiring – how will you cascade their knowledge to new recruits?

As the world’s largest oil producer, the Middle East employs thousands of people to work in the dangerous but financially rewarding oil and gas industry. For many decades, men have been going to work in a potentially hazardous environment, all to support their families. Even today, [...]

Are you struggling to communicate with new age employees?

Technology is evolving at a rapid pace throughout the world. This means the ways in which we communicate are also changing. What isn’t changing, however, are the dangers associated with the oil and gas industry. The Middle East is the world’s largest oil producer in the [...]