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Make employees PPE experts with a training video

Having PPE or Personal Protective Equipment is critical for the safety of your employees. Knowing how to use them properly is just as important, perhaps more. You might consider hosting seminars on the subject for new employees, but the right training video will be just as [...]

How to expand your reach with video content

Video content is aggressively taking over the internet. In some countries like Saudi Arabia, 95% of internet users watch video content. https://www.statista.com/statistics/272835/share-of-internet-users-who-watch-online-videos/ 64% of the watch online videos every day. There's no need to talk about the benefits of extra reach, exposure is always good. In [...]

Improve your account holder’s experience with IVR

Having to do a line at your bank is very off-putting. Now, if you're running the bank you'll know that having fewer clients is not really a smart way to fix this. Don't lose hope, you don't need to lose customers to solve this issue. A [...]

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Video is the game changer in Marketing!

Capturing the Millennial Market: Taking advantage through Social Media With modern technology, the world is going the digital way. It is evident that people are actively using social media platforms. It’s a medium for communication, entertainment & recently emerges out as a business platform. According to [...]

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How to make an unforgettable safety video

There's nothing more important than safety, it's critical that your employees understand and remember your safety guidelines. It's well known that one of the strongest tools to achieve this is an instructional video. It will bring better understanding, cut costs of safety seminars, and will eliminate [...]

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How to use Radio advertising to promote your brand

The radio has been around for over 100 years now, and it’s still picking up the pace. Report by the UK Internet Advertising Bureau state that 1 in 4 people is online while listening to the radio. Radio advertising has been a consistent form of advertising and [...]