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Studio52 offers a range of audio production services that enhances your business’ or brand’s interaction with the audiences.

When you need audio services, whether it’s for a radio commercial, in-store announcement, on-hold messages, menu options, or anything else in English, Arabic or any other language, Studio52 is your reliable partner.

All Audio Services You Need

Interactive Voice Response

Make your callers feel comfortable in dealing with your brand. As the market leader in the GCC, we can help you represent your brand with effective, localised IVR recordings.

Tele-Hold Messages

Maintain customer experience while on hold. We can create excellent on-hold messaging which can educate and entertain your customer and clearly convey your brand message.

In-Store Messages

Promote your products/services to visitors in your store. Our high quality in-store messaging can vastly improve customer satisfaction and serve marketing objectives at the same time.

Radio Commercials

Make advertising on radio interesting and compelling. Our artists, scriptwriters, and advertising experience ensure that we deliver professional commercials every time.

Call Centre Recording

Streamline your call centre operation by directing callers to relevant department. We employ top talents to deliver crisp and clear voices to give distinct options to customers calling your call centres.

Multilingual Dubbing

Localize your media to any specific region. Our native artists create authentic voiceover in multiple languages paying extra attention to dialects and other linguistic nuances.

What Our Clients Say

We’ve worked with large, medium, and small organizations from every industry.

How Can We Help You Today?

(We'll reach-out to you within 4 working hours)

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