Drones in Real Estate: Can Aerial Views Help Sell a House?

Drones in Real Estate: Can Aerial Views Help Sell a House?

14 September , 2023 by Rashida Saeed

Real estate drone shooting is big business, and for very good reason. Have you ever heard real estate agents talk about the properties they’re trying to sell? Very often the property’s location will be top of the list of positives they use to talk up the property.

Which way the building faces, how close it is to roads, shoreline, urban areas and rural areas, each of these can be turned into a positive piece of sales talk when discussing the property with prospective customers. 

But there’s really only one way to effectively show off the location of any piece of real estate in an instant, and that’s with real estate aerial photography or real estate drone video.

With a real estate drone shot video, you can get an immediate sense of how a property fits into its surroundings, and work out how far you’ll have to travel for your local shops, green space or transport hub.

Real estate photography in Dubai often shows off the beautiful interiors of a space, which is of course very important to viewers, but it doesn’t tell the whole story. The trick to effectively advertising a property is to encourage your potential buyers or renters to imagine themselves living there, and that means stepping out of the door as well as in through it.

If you can use real estate drone shooting to depict the exact location of a property, you’re also giving those potential buyers an idea of what it would be like to live in that neighborhood, and not just in that house or apartment. 

It’s this kind of important detail that can push through a sale when buyers are already excited about the interior, and can finally convince them that life there is for them.

Real estate agents know that most buyers and renters start out by looking for a property by area, and then narrow this search down to properties they like within that area. This just goes to show how important location is when choosing a property – it’s the very first place we, as customers, look when we’re searching for somewhere new to live. 

If you can demonstrate, with aerial drone footage, exactly where in an area a particular property is, this will answer one of the most important questions any potential customer has about the property they’re looking for: where exactly is it?

Real estate drone footage is also impressive and engaging in its own right, and has entertainment merit that makes customers pay attention. Once you have your customers’ attention – their most valuable asset – you can go on to show them more information about the property while their interest is high.

Drone footage for real estate was once only the domain of those with big budgets, because helicopters were the only way to get such incredible shots from above. Not only was this expensive, but also noisy and disturbing for everyone nearby, difficult to arrange, and potentially more dangerous because it involved sending people into the air. 

Drones, however, have completely changed the landscape of aerial photography and video.


Now, with just a small professional filming device and an expert operator, anyone can commission drone footage. It’s quiet, fast, simple, and safe. As long as local regulations are followed, it’s also completely legal and acceptable. 


It’s also completely affordable, and you can schedule multiple shoots in an area in a single day if you have multiple properties to advertise. In fact, you can even create a drone video for an entire area in advance, and pick out what you need whenever a property in that area comes up. 


If you’re looking to entice new rental clients and property buyers with this exciting and accessible form of media, chat to us today about how we can help you capture the best quality drone footage for your real estate property.


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Drones in Real Estate: Can Aerial Views Help Sell a House?