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How TimeLapse Videos Boost Your Construction Project Marketing?


Construction project marketing is a crucial lifeline to get you new projects and more business and growth. With construction timelapse videos, you get to see your projects shown in the short catchy frame in accelerated motion. Here at Studio52, we use the best techniques and equipment to capture long-term duration construction processes and display them…

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5 Steps to Capture an Industrial Construction TimeLapse

time lapse video for construction industry

A timelapse is a great way to document the progress of an industrial construction project over time. When done correctly, the timelapse can capture the full scope of the construction process from start to finish, making it a valuable tool for both project managers and stakeholders.  In this blog, we will discuss the five steps…

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Importance of Timelapse Video in Construction sector

Importance of timelapse in Construction sector - Studio52

The world and businesses across the world are heading towards being more digital. Digitalization has become the need of the hour and the same has also been adapted by construction professionals all around the globe. People in construction have understood the importance of timelapse to make their work easier and faster.  Construction cameras with timelapse…

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5 Top Construction Site Progress-Long Term Stock Footage Video

5 Top Construction Site Progress

This article will try to show how you can produce quality long-term stock footage videos with construction time-lapses. We will discuss technical tips and share some great video clips to help you develop quality videos for your clients. Technical tip – 1 Overshooting is essential so that you can cull the bad photos and work…

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Don’t make these 5 time lapse mistakes

time lapse video production

Various businesses are enjoying brilliance of time lapse video or video time lapse, and construction industry is also shimmering because of it. Construction companies around the world are adopting time lapse video production to have benefits like less manpower at site, suitable documentation tool, upliftment of team’s performance, best monitoring option, help in pitching investors and…

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Use of Time Lapse Video Technique in Constructional Sector

time lapse video

Strategizing to boost your digital business? Well, definitely, to survive in such competitive business age; you need a platform to pave your business or brand presence in order to remain live among the target audiences. And undoubtedly, in today’s digitally accelerated world, video communication remains as the most impactful communication tool to showcase your business…

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Time Lapse Video Production: The Crucial Corporate Marketing Tool

Time Lapse Video Production

Over the past years as businesses across the internet have taken up the unbelievable growth, it has really become the challenge to build up strong corporate presence in the marketplace in order to generate substantial revenue. Apart from various marketing strategies that have already being followed by all size of companies, time lapse video production…

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