Why is it necessary to get film permits for shooting in UAE

Why is it necessary to get film permits for shooting in UAE

29 November , 2018 by Rashida Saeed
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An Insight of film shooting permission in UAE

UAE is the latest attraction for filmmakers. Be it top Hollywood or Bollywood movies, are filmed at different locations in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or in the UAE region.
In filmmaking, outdoor shoots are very crucial aspects which require high-level perfection.
On the off chance that you are planning to shoot a film in the UAE and the Gulf, it is essential for you to understand that the administration there have stringent rules concerning film shooting Regardless of whether you have to shoot a motion picture, narrative, corporate video or TV show or commercial movie its mandatory to get Film permission in Dubai, UAE.

Filming Permit is in the form of document (issued by the city or federal governments) that certify your shooting permission.
The Film Commission deals with the grant of Film Permission in UAE, Dubai and the Gulf. It additionally screens each & every activity concerning shooting in this locale.
So you need to get film Shooting Permission Letter UAE, or you will have to pay a huge sum as fine.

One of the most overlooked parts of making your film shoot “legit” is to obtain Shooting Permission. The procedure seems to be a bit tedious & time-consuming on the off chance that you have never applied for a filming permit before, however, once you get acquainted the process is rather easy and is quite similar from agency to agency, location to location.

Don’t get yourself stuck in going from office to office in the hunt of getting the Film Permission in Dubai. The best option is to coordinate with the official organization dedicated to guiding filmmakers throughout the shooting permission process, offers production-planning services & grant of Film Permission in Dubai.

  • When do you need a permit?

When filmmaker came across the process of film permission in UAE, often thought where they would need the filming permit?
Well, will provide you a brief on where the shooting permission is necessary for your film shooting.

  • If there is a commercial shoot: You’re required to have film permission in UAE if your film production falls in any business esteem; where it is further distributed and sold for commercial use.
  • Shooting on public property: You’ll need a permit when you ’re shooting on public property or if you’re using a public place differently than it is intended. Shooting will affect others or the environment.
    Because you’re using that particular place for the time being & it will affect the daily routine of the concerned area.
  • Filming disturbs traffic or pedestrians: During the full-fledged shoot with unit leads to unwanted disturbance in the transport of the shoot location. Also, affects the day to day life of residents as it becomes the cause of chaos. Keeping the check on it, filmmakers must have Film Shooting Permission Letter UAE.
  • Use of technical equipment: If your movie shoot requires to use tripods, wires, a generator, drone or other equipment on sidewalks or streets, then, in that case, there is a guideline to must have permit along with the safety measure so as ensure that there won’t happen any mishap.

Get Dubai & Abu Dhabi Filming Permit

On the off chance that you are merely strolling around with your camera and shooting calmly, you needn’t bother about permits. But in case of commercial & entertainment purpose, you will need proper film permission in Dubai, UAE and other Gulf countries. If you have a producer or area scout, they can take over and get the filming permit. Alternatively, if you’re without one of those specialists–like most small productions–you’ll need to coordinate the film permission service provider in UAE. To avail, the shooting permission & film permit in UAE & Gulf get in touch with Studio 52 the leading company in providing film permission & production-planning services.

So if you have questions about filming Permits? You know who to call!

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Why is it necessary to get film permits for shooting in UAE