Film and Photography Permits

So, you want to film in the UAE?

Great! You will certainly be amazed at the variety of breathtaking locations, just make sure you don't land yourself in any trouble when planning a shoot.


To legally film in the UAE you will first need to entrust a UAE–based firm to obtain video shooting permission for your shoot. Whether meant for land or aerial photography/videography. Film permits in Dubai and the whole of the UAE can only be processed through a local production company.

Avoiding Fines

That’s right, it’s going to cost you. However, it’s certainly not money down the drain and choosing an experienced company will definitely be worth it. Securing the necessary UAE film shooting permission will help you avoid a potential issue with the law, which, can result in prison sentences and fines of up to 500,000AED... Ouch.

Regulations and location managers

Company regulations often require a location manager, he should be on site with your crew each day of filming in Dubai. This is for the protection of both your company and the production company who applied for your filming permission in Dubai, UAE. Should any regulatory issues emerge, your firm won't be held responsible, instead, it will be the UAE licensed firm. Having a dedicated location manager reduces the chance of problems and allows your crew to continue to do what they do best. Should the location manager be called or questioned to explain your activities and provide legal documentation they will have the permits and company licenses on hand to communicate with the authorities.

Permit process

To ensure the process of securing a Dubai filming permission is completed before your planned shoot, do not delay in contacting a production company to obtain your permit and location authorization. Receiving your film permit for the UAE before flying is important as you will also receive a letter for customs that will help get your equipment through the airport. Remember you will also likely need an ATA carnet from your home country to be allowed to bring camera equipment into the country.

Let us help

At Studio 52 we are always ready to take your inquiry and give you all the information and advice you need. We are ready to assist you with your shoot. Whether you just need photo & video shooting permits in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and other location authorization within the UAE or a fully equipped crew.

When using Studio 52 to secure your permit, we will provide one of our experienced location managers and drivers. Anything you need to make sure your shoot goes smoothly. It's simple.

We Provide Ground And Aerial Filming Permit Services in UAE

Location Scouting

Location Scouting

As an experienced producer, you're aware of how crucial to find the right location for shoot. We avail location scouting services to ensure you have all your locations options considered, before needing to travel to Dubai yourself. We will forward you videos of locations in UAE to meet your specifications.

filming permit

Booking Service

After location scouting, the manager will also help you with the location booking. All you need is to finalize your location, then leave the rest of booking formalities & documentation on us. Your desired location will be booked for your shoot prior to your shooting schedule.

Location Manager

Location Manager

Our location managers will ensure that all filming and photography permission with licenses are on hand. He will also be in charge to liaise with the authorities if they ask any questions about the shoot.

Production Managers

Production Managers

With 40 years’ experience producing videos for thousands of prestigious clients across the UAE and the middle east, Studio 52 is well placed to provide you with quality production managers. Someone that's familiar with your location, and ready to take on your project.

Equipment Hire

Equipment Hire

Studio 52 can provide all the necessary equipment to your desired specifications. We can also arrange for transport to your shoot in the UAE. Studio 52 camera equipment hire in the UAE will be fully insured, something to put your mind at ease.

Studio Hire

Studio Hire

We can provide our world-class studios to be used by you and your team.

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