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Here’s Why You Should Approach IVR Services For Your Business

In today’s age, it can be prudent to have your calls answered digitally. This is known as Interactive Voice Response or IVR. Having an interactive voice response system allows you to handle your calls effectively and drastically reduces any wait time for your customer. But an IVR technology is only effective, if the voice quality is good. This means that the audio quality needs to be clear and crisp. All recordings need to have been recorded by quality artists, speaking in a polite and clearly pronounced manner. An IVR system should include an IVR voice mail. This makes sure that no customer leaves the phone call in complete frustration, there is no disconnect and no business is lost.

An IVR is a customized recorded voice for any service for customers. They can choose the suitable options from the menu for their particular query. This system can handle a large volume of calls. The purpose of IVR application is to guide customers and provide the appropriate information what they require.

Here are the reasons, why your business require an IVR service

  • IVR leads to customized conversation and better customer experience
  • IVR makes your company look big and professional
  • IVR used for time-based routing and location-based routing
  • IVR works as a virtual phone receptionist and automated self-service for wide range of uses
  • IVR provides easy menu options and personalization
  • IVR reduces cost

ivr services in dubai

A prudent choice is to choose a company with a stellar reputation in IVR production. The leading choice has to be Studio 52. They specialize in IVR production in Dubai and the Middle East, but their skills can be utilized world-wide. They offer a completely professional service which is evident by what is on offer. Studio52 offers the greatest IVR Services in Saudi ArabiaIVR system in UAE and other gulf counties (GCC). They are responsible for the complete IVR production for a variety of prestigious companies world-wide.  A prime reason they are such a popular choice as they offer a superb quality production with serious attention to detail, including ensuring consistency and sticking to the delivery schedule. Having the ability to go to one source for a complete IVR solution allows the process to be streamlined and consistent and allows the process to be monitored, thus allowing a completely bespoke service.

For all your IVR service needs, Studio 52 is the perfect choice evidenced by their client list and their track record in all areas of audio services.

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Why Your Business Still Needs The Video Treatment in 2018?

Towards the end of the year, results for video production 2017 are most valuable to continue the chain and produce best corporate videos in 2018, because video gathers more engagement. Well, did you know YouTube is now the second largest search engine on the web? That should tell you something. Video helps gain higher retention rates, 65% of viewers watch more than 3/4 of a video which is better than original text-based content.

Undoubtedly, best video production is one of the greatest additions to your promotion toolbox. You might still have your doubts. Is it really worth to consider using videos for promoting your business? Let’s resolve your queries with some significant examples…

  1. Video Increases Brand Awareness

Rather than getting lost in the crowd, the best way is to help more people find out about who you are and what you do and make your business to stand out from your competitors. With videos, you quickly convey what your core values are and help them remember your name.

  1. Video Increases Online Presence

Once you have identified and established your brand, you need to get the word out. “But I already have a spiffy website, a blog, and a social media presence,” you may say. That’s a great start. The more places your potential customers can find out about you, the better your chances of converting them into paying customers.

  1. Video Boosts Social Media Engagement

Because video is the most shared content on social media, we like to share content that will entertain our friends and move them, and video has a better chance of doing that. More than links, images, or plain text, a video has the best chance of getting shared by your followers.

  1. Video Builds Trust

The best way to build a relationship is through face to face interaction, but this just isn’t realistic for growing a business. All the time it’s not enough to meet every potential customer personally and earn their trust. Thankfully, you can capture that sentiment in the form of video content. Even better, it’s available 24/7.

While video marketing has been around since television was invented. Since video production in 2017, has now become available for small businesses to market their business and level the playing field.

So, get started your first video today with Studio 52, professional video production company. We understand how to make positive interactions with your client and promote your products and services with our Branding Video productions. Your needs are unique. The brand that you dream off should be likable and have a personality that stands out of the crowd- something infectious.

Source >> https://studio52.tv/video/corporate-video/

2017 was a wonderful year for us.

2017 was a wonderful year for us. It was all about you, our beloved clients. A year filled with innovation and development so that we can service our clients better..
This year we moved our offices at our own purpose built facilities in Business Bay, Dubai. We established our offices in Al Khobar and Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, our office in India got expanded, we entered into several partnerships and strategic alliances, we cracked some landmark projects in the Middleast. Our team swelled from 25 to 80 professionals. In addition to our legacy services of Video and Audio production services, we expanded our range of services to cover digital branding & designing. Our technology department developed innovative products in Exproof CCTV systems, Forklift monitoring and anti-collision systems. We developed a unique product for the reading and memorizing of Holy Quran that now has worldwide distribution. Our Timelapse division was empowered with latest technology in partnership with our experts in USA. We also embraced digital platforms for conducting our meetings saving time and energy for our clients.
2018 is yet another year we embrace with lot of excitement. It will also mark our 41st Birthday. Our commitment to customer service shall grow stronger. We will be a source of generating clever ideas that helps improve the bottom-lines for our clients and be a part of their development strategy. Our technology dept aims to continuously develop products that improves monitoring and control for our clients.
On behalf of Studio 52 and its staff, i wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I particularly thank-you for your support and encouragement, without which, we could not do much.
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With your business increase, your customer can be routed through an automated system called IVR, where they can choose the service they are looking for and guided through various pre-recorded voice prompts. This will increase your customer’s ease and will maintain business goals.

When a prospective customer calls your company regarding an inquiry or information, he is already half sold on your sales pitch. It is important that from here on you focus on further building upon his interest and curiosity. This goal can be achieved by using effective telephone hold message. Because it is these golden moments while the customer is placed on hold that you get an opportunity to tap into his psychology. While waiting for the call to be answered, the customer has nothing do and a lot could be going on in his mind. So, it is better to command his attention at this time and ensure that he is well informed about core features and benefits of your products/services.

The demand of audio production services has been increased drastically in the last few years. Just like music production, the quality of audio production matters a lot. You may be wondering why someone, especially a business person needs audio production. But, the scope is actually wider. People, who are associated with BPO industry, call center, customer care support, and technical support service, etc., always seek for audio production and audio visual companies.

Whether it is about a voice message, telephone hold message, in-store message, call center recording or radio message, you should hire a company that can offer superior quality audio production services to cater to all your specific needs. Every time when a call is being transferred or when a customer care expert checks anything in the system, the call is put on hold. This waiting time is quite boring for the caller. With an impressive audio message, a business owner can utilize this time by advertising the products and services. The callers can avail the knowledge about the latest offers and deals with ease with such message.

Of all, the audio production platform is the practical solution to sustain business or brand value. Plus, hiring a professional company utterly helps to develop a long term relationship with your client and customers.

5 Top Tips to Minimizing Your Video Editing Time

Get the final product you want with less of the hassle

Do the names Ben Brown, Pew Die Pie and Steve Cook mean anything to you? No? Maybe Tess Christine or Casey Neistat? If not, this blog may be more useful to you than you think, particularly if you have plan to or have recently embarked on your videography adventure. The names we just mentioned belong to some of the most popular vloggers in their respective genres. They have larger than life personalities, offer impressive displays of videography and for all intents and purposes, inspire an abundance of lifestyle envy. It’s no wonder the idea of videography appeals to you.

However, all is not as simple as it seems and after hours of recording footage, you’ll probably discover that it takes an actual lifetime to edit your video content. What’s more the prospect of fine tuning hours of footage into a few minutes of captivating content can be nervewracking. What are you missing? We can’t say for sure but we can offer you a host of helpful hints and tips that are sure to help you cut down the time you spend video editing. Continue reading our blog to discover our top 5 tips.

Tip 1: Know your software

Let’s face it, this isn’t rocket science but is certainly something many of us take for granted. Like riding a bicycle, the proficiency at which we edit video will only improve the more familiar and accustomed we get to using it. As the old adage goes, “Practice makes perfect.”

Spending more time honing your skills will make crafting sequences second nature, allow you to learn helpful shortcuts as well as learn what works for you and what doesn’t. To assist you in learning keyboard shortcuts (your ace in the hole), simply type them out and print them out so they are readily available until you no longer have to reference your cheat sheet. Once you know your software through envisioning each masterpiece will be a walk in the park.

Some popular and effective video editing software includes:

  • Premiere Pro
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Pinnacle Studio Ultimate
  • Cyberlink PowerDirector 15 Ultimate
  • Wondershare Filmora

Tip 2: Have foresight

This is more planning than anything and will require substantial flexing of your creative muscle. Before you even set out to record your footage have a clear and concise vision of what your final product will be. Use this as a guideline as you film and while you may still have footage that you won’t necessarily need, you won’t have to bear the burden of sifting through as much video as you would if you shot arbitrarily. Quite simply, knowing the overall message and narrative of your content from the onset can be such an invaluable asset.

Tip 3: Organise 

We don’t just mean your workspace, although that has its benefits too. Putting together film that lasts even just a mere three minutes requires a multitude of files. Without the proper organisation finding those files can become considerably challenging. What’s more, sometimes the search function on your computer somehow seems to falter and worse yet, sometimes we forget the file names themselves, let alone their location.

The first step of a two-prong solution is to decide on a precise naming convention for your files. This way files will be logically ordered when saved and easier to find. Similarly, use descriptive file names because trying to remember what footage is in file 20170928_131156_1080.mov can be a pop quiz that simply isn’t worth taking. In addition to following a precise naming convention, creating folders that act as storage bins for different types of files relevant to your editing will help you locate each file type when editing your video. For example, as suggested by PremiumBeat,  you could create the following folders:

  • Footage
  • Project Files
  • Graphics
  • Audio
  • Images

 Tip 4: Find your music 

Above, we just spoke about the importance of being able to find your files effortlessly once they’re saved locally. However, finding and selecting your music is something that can be painstakingly time consuming. Once you’ve established the general outline of your video and can define different emotional tones that take place through it, it is time to find your music – all of it. Rather than find one song and then go out searching for the next one for the next scene; it is better to find all your music at once. We have all experienced the hypnotizing effects of YouTube. If time is of the essence, do the utmost to limit your time searching for music.

Tip 5: Process, process, process 

Putting together a work of art is no mean feat, and just like any work of art video editing needs you to work systematically. Rather than aiming to perfect your favorite scenes haphazardly then having to wrack your brain trying to create fluidity in your final product, work systematically from the beginning. Furthermore, make sure to save frequently as you go along. There’s only so much stress and strain our hearts can take, losing hours of video editing is something we could very much do without.

Bonus tip: Don’t do the editing at all 

But how are you supposed to…? Allow us to answer before you finish. Sometimes getting a helping hand isn’t the end of the universe and can very much be the difference between mediocrity and brilliance. There are a host of professional video editing companies, such as Studio 52, that can not only complete the work to deadline but ensure a quality finish. Talking to the experts is always worth considering.

Studio 52 is a B2B Digital Communications and Media Production House with clinical expertise in marketing, communications and branding. We cater to the specific needs of a variety of industries offering professional advice and services. For professional marketing and communication services, get in touch with us today. We’re always on hand and keen to assist.

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Studio 52 starts its operations at Saudi Arabia

Upon the 2nd week of October 2017, Studio 52 began its full office operations in 3 major cities in KSA which are Jeddah, Riyadh, and Al Khobar. This aims to further establish good relations in the business sectors of KSA by introducing the best and the latest platforms of communication and media. The full office operations will open up doors of opportunities for Media people as well.

Studio 52 offers a wide variety of Audio and Video Solutions in the region. Video solutions include, corporate videos, Branding & promotional videos, TV Commercials, Viral Videos, Time-lapse Videos, 2D & 3D walkthrough, Documentaries, Training Videos, and Event Coverage. As for Audio, Studio 52 offers solutions such as Radio Commercials, Audio Book, Multi-lingual dubbing, Promo-burst, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), and Telephone hold message. Communication opportunities are unlimited as Studio 52 still continues to develop and adapt to the latest communication platforms in the market.

For over 40 years, Studio 52 has become a benchmark for Media Productions in the Middle East. The years of experience in the industry solidified Studio 52’s brand image considering the biggest client names in the Oil and Gas Industry, Aviation, Banking, Telecommunications, and other big industries who tied up with Studio 52. As of today, there are more than 2000 satisfied clients (and counting) who entrusted their brand to Studio 52. The vision continues to expand as Studio 52 has been consistent with the aim of providing world class Media Solutions one client at a time.

For more information please log on to studio52.tv or visit us at Studio52 Saudi Arabia, 8309 Prince Humud Street, Madinat Al Umal, Al Khobar, 31952, Saudi Arabia. You can also call us at +966500183012 or email us at sales@studio52.tv.

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