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After 40 years, Studio 52 opens Audio Visual facility in Saudi Arabia

building-300x199Studio 52, the premier Audio Video production company in the Middle East has announced that it has just launched full service facilities in KSA with offices at Jeddah, Riyadh and Al Khobar.

Studio 52 has been in business for 40 years creating Corporate Videos, Still photography, Aerial video and stills, Time lapse, Animation and all forms of audio work for some of the worlds largest and most sophisticated companies, like BP, Baker Hughes, Schlumberger and Le Meridien.

The company has production studios in many countries throughout the Middle East, and now, Studio 52 has added to its kitty, permanent production facilities in Saudi Arabia

Moiz Saeed, owner and CEO of Studio 52 says “When executives are given the job of producing an important video for the company, their stress levels go up through the roof. Because it’s not only their career on the line if the video turns out amateurish or offensive. The entire image of their company can be seriously damaged – as well as share prices, customer perceptions and future earnings. So it’s understandable that without the stress relieving option of Studio 52 to count on, stress levels had nowhere to go but up”

For 40 years Studio 52 has been claiming to take the high stress out of video production for the savvier executives, because the company has the expertise, the equipment and the people to ensure that problems are seamlessly solved and the project is on time, on budget and of remarkable quality.
The new Studio 52 facilities can be called at the number: +966500183012

Studio 52, One Stop Solution for Your Every Audio Visual Business Need

Type Media Production Dubai in Google and you will get lacs of results. There are plenty of audio visual production companies in Dubai, the media city; some provide excellent audio, some provide wonderful videos, then why should you choose Studio 52?

To provide the answer briefly, at Studio 52, we treat your brand as our brand, understand your brand as we understand our brand, put every effort to nurture your brand and with experienced team and state-of-the-art technology create a piece of communication that speaks for your brand, that increases your business leads, that nurtures your business, that creates a success story of your brand.

Now, let’s see two main services by Dubai’s one of the renowned audio visual production houses.

Audio Solutions

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

We understand your business needs precisely and produce customized IVR that interacts with caller and guide them with accurate information in pleasant manner. And if your business needs demand, we can connect callers with a customer care representative who can solve the query in the apt way.

Telephone Hold Message

Telephone Hold Message by Studio 52 lets your customer representatives handle calls with efficiency, accuracy and utter professionalism.

– Multilingual Language Dubbing

Team Studio 52 dubs messages in different languages without losing the authenticity of the message and originality of different language.

– Audio Books

Being Dubai’s one of the highly experienced corporate companies, we make any story from any genre (fiction, non-fiction, DIY, self-improvement, spiritual, education, professional courses) more appealing by adding thrill, drama, thrill and suspense with perfect pauses, pace and excellent voice overs.

– Radio Commercial

We know that radio commercials are not supported by any visual, that’s why your audio is the hero in your communication. We turn the information into interactive content that influences buyers in making their decision in your favor.

  • Promoburst

We cater promoburst that evoke the response and at the same time empower you to extend brand loyalty by inviting them to try your other services.

Video Solutions

  • Timelapse Video

With periodic progress reports, we empower you to watch your project grow every day and track and share its progress with stakeholders on a regular basis. We produce timelapse videos that show the progress of your project from beginning to completion in as short as 2 minutes.

  • Corporate Video

Each brand has some vision to share with the world and so does your brand. With corporate video, we let you share your vision, your story, your product and service in the most compelling and comprehensive way.

  • Safety Video

For any organization, safety of their workforce is very critical and at the same time challenging too. We create safety videos that would help you create the culture of safety and productivity in your organization in an engaging and cost effective way.

  • 2D 3D Animation Video

Taking the leverage of creativity and technology, we create 2D 3D animation videos that help you execute your innovative ideas in a realistic and cost effective manner.

  • Branding & Promotional Video

When it comes to branding and promotional video, Studio 52 is Dubai’s well-known promotional video production house. Our branding and promotional video is an impactful marketing technique and creative path to achieve your business goals. With these videos, we create buzz that transform your target audience in your loyal customers.

  • Interviews 

With extra ordinary cinematic effects, we record interviews with CEO/Managing Directors/Chairperson and every person whom you want to be interviewed.

And a lot more…

Apart from the services mentioned above, we deliver customized audio visual service as per various companies’ requirements, which include viral video, medical video, documentary and a lot more.

Why Studio 52?

As you know, we have versatile and industry experience of more than 4 decades. Each of our team members work for the growth of your brand, but while completely considering audio visual production, we give you many reasons to choose us.

studio 52 media communication dubai

– Passionate execution from concept development to completion

– Innovative message

– Extensive library of background sound

– Voice over in 20+ languages and plenty of dialects

– Specialized in multi-lingual communication for a wide spectrum of industries

– Precise modulation of tones to strike the right chord of emotions

– Embedded with special sound effects to keep the listener intrigued

– Delivery in short turn-around time

– Easily shared, influential and enterprising creatives

– Innovative and captivating videos that educate and engage target audience

– Innovative filming techniques adding wow to experience

– In house team for both 2D and 3D walkthrough production

– High production values and visual quality

– Creative think tank for 360° planning and innovation

– Expert team and state-of-the-art technology

And these were just a few reasons from plenty to choose Studio 52 to take your business to the untouched heights. So, what are you waiting for? Connect with us right now at www.studio52.tv/contact

Studio 52 launches a new timelapse website providing one-stop time-lapse solutions

Studio 52, a global audio-video production house based in Dubai, has announced launch of its new timelapse website. https://www.studio52.tv/timelapse/ The new website is embedded with exciting design and offers visitors an easy access to timelapse services provided by Studio 52 and rich insight into company’s expertise in the field.

Studio 52 holds 4 decades of legacy in excellent timelapse production. The company has provided its specialist timelapse services to many small and industry leading companies from across the Middle East region.

The new timelapse website is launched by Studio 52 as a part of its objective to grow timelapse business in the Gulf region and provide its clients one-stop professional services. The website featuring concise and rich content is intended to help companies seeking timelapse services in making an informed decision. It provides comprehensive understanding of end-to-end timelapse services, various packages and a spectrum of benefits provided by Studio 52.

Sharing his views on the new website, Communication Director of Studio 52 Mr. Moiz Saeed said, “We are positive that the new website will become a bridge of trust between us and our existing and prospective customers and investors.”

Along with providing quick and easy access to essential information, the new website will serve as a means to facilitate hiring services of Studio 52. Fresh look of the website blended with improved functionality and easier navigation is sure to provide visitors a more engaging and delightful experience.

Best Video Production Services offered by Studio52

Studio 52 is a Dubai based corporate video production company, and we are glad to share that our Corporate Video production, Promo Video production, 3D Animation, Safety videos, Time-lapse Videos, IVR production, and Telephone Hold Message production services are popular in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman & other middle east area.

Our Video Production Services:-


    We are the most reputed go-to corporate video production company in Dubai and the rest of UAE. At Studio52, we provide best corporate videos services dubai for small business that speak for themselves. Our corporate video for Real estate, IT, healthcare, hospitality, education, manufacturing – whatever the sector, Studio52 inform, engage, impress and excite.

  2. corporate video production


    Today’s employees are from the digital age. It is important to communicate safety procedures in the most compelling and engaging way. Studio 52 Dubai has mastered the art of communicating safety in the form of best Safety Videos, Training Videos, workplace safety tips, safety and training videos productions, online safety training, construction safety training & more.

  3. safety and training video


    Multi-million dollars are invested in construction projects. Capture each and every moment of your construction with our high quality Time-lapse Video techniques. We at Studio52 best video production companies in dubai & UAE provides timelapse video services, time lapse construction videos, timelapse photography video, time lapse video production dubai & more.

  4. timelapse video


    In our 4 decades in the business, we have delivered numerous video reports on construction projects of all types and scales in Dubai and beyond; all requiring the same dedication and attention to detail. This is achieved via our Timelapse Video Facilities. We are the best construction video production companies in dubai.

Construction Video Promotion

Studio52 closes a prosperous year, achieving Substantial Business growth throughout 2016

Dubai, December31, 2016: With strong commercial performance in the year 2016, Studio52 – an audio-video production company announced substantial business growth rate by gathering solid market position and business-driven financial outcomes.

Studio52 succeeded in promoting ideas, products, services, and business solutions on the strength of video production in diversified sectors including corporate video, time lapse video photography, safety & training video, constructional video, 3D-3D animation video, and TV commercials.

In addition, the company has also gained excellence in delivering audio production services including telephone hold messages, interactive voice recording, call-center recording, radio commercials that helped strengthen leadership in video production sector.

In 2016, Studio52 continued to grow its strong customer base for corporate audio-video production services to the most prestigious brands across Dubai, Abu Dhabi & other Middle-East states (Saudi Arab, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, and Bahrain) and has occupied the business presence throughout.

With such consistent growth in audio-video production sector, Studio52 has paved the road for success for long term perspective. In addition, the company holds criteria to focus significantly on imparting more personalized and demonstrative approaches through corporate video production services that will absolutely enable businesses to promote and market their products and services thereby ensure tangible leads and sales.

Being one of the successful companies, our team’s innovation, dedication and potency to deliver the optimum results were critical to our success enhancement in 2016 and empowered us to impart client-driven practices in the near future.

About Studio52:

Studio52 is among the leading audio-visual production companies based out in Dubai with its services across Middle-East states. Since its incepting in 1977, the company has succeeded with its dedicated approach towards business-driven video production services with its strong technical base. The company on the basis of advanced techniques and creative implementations in every business project aimed to accomplish the client’s communication objective.

Learn more about Studio52’s groundbreaking solutions here.

For more information, contact Studio52 at: https://studio52.tv/

Email Us : sales@studio52.tv

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Increasing Importance of Safety to Our Daily Lifestyle

Prevention of domestic & industrial risk is one of the important things. In day to day work process, no doubt there exist several risks around us at the workstation, and even at our home. Industrial accident however is the major health and risk factor that affects financially as compared to domestic risk. Safety communication therefore is a crucial aspect that help us keep aware and to prevent environment as well.

Home Safety

Apart from, home safety is often vital aspect as there involves risk due to several factors like as electrical appliances, gasoline danger, choking hazards, fatal fires, various items with sharp edges, and even carbon monoxide poisoning is one of the common risk factors faced by the people.  Although, there are many alternatives to be safe from such hazard but despite that, creating safe environment and living carefully too is essential. The home safety can be maintained by assessing your own property in a sense that what safety measures can be taken so as to make a safer environment.

In addition to that, Kitchen is the most risky area of your home and the major accidents take place due to leakage of gas cylinders. Generally, the gas cylinder hazards occur due to blast of cylinders due to huge amount of compressed gas get released, any part of cylinders get fails, due to falling of cylinders or may be injuries due to manual handling involves danger.  Gas cylinder safety guidelines therefore ought to be consulted in a serious manner.

How to Minimize Risks?

All gas cylinders should be designed as per the approved standard to be used as risk-free equipment. Gas cylinders must be inspected completely before supplying it to the users, plus, they must be periodically examined at particular time interval to ensure safety.