There’s an absolute truth that is always said: employees are the core of any industry. Therefore it’s very important to take care of them and give them a constant incentive. Not to mention trophies and fun activities that promote good workflow. However, there’s something that’s equally or even more important than the above mentioned: their safety. We must do monitor work progress to make sure employees are safe and the construction progress is going on smoothly as per the requirement. It’s imperative to be careful and that’s where security construction progress videos come in. These fulfill much more than a protocol, they can even save lives. Therefore, we’ll give you several effective ways to communicate your message through Construction progress videos. This is meant to monitor construction progress prevent accidents, injuries and yes, as previously stated, save lives. With nothing more to add, let’s start: 

  1. Use Humor

Humor for these types of videos is an undervalued factor because it can be considered inappropriate. True, accidents and their consequences are a serious issue. However, humor transforms such a serious and important topic into something relatable. When that connection with the employees is achieved, they’re more likely to remember the information for a long time. Studies have proven that laughter increases engagement and audience learning. You could make videos of how to do the job the right way compared to the wrong way in an exaggerated act to increase humor. In addition to educating, this technique gives a fresh new perspective to those experienced employees who know the dangers very well. 

  1. Count on Interactions

Currently, there are many tools to make interactive videos. Use them for your benefit and that of your employees. With interactive videos you make employees point out the potential dangers of a situation on their own. They can also point out the most optimal way to do a task. All this, in general, helps them understand the seriousness of any situation. These types of videos allow users to have safe experiences and learn all the risks of their routine. This way, they will remember and prevent it.

  1. Use Video Game Elements

This process is known as Gamification. This is nothing more than taking elements from the world of video games and implementing them in your videos. This is a very innovative and fun way of teaching your employees. Some things you can use are a dashboard for employees who get the best scores. This, in addition to promoting learning, also develops healthy motivation and competition. You can also reward users with trophies or badges after completing activities. In this way, all the years of the worker’s experience are rewarded by creating different levels of training that promote constant learning. The possibilities are endless using all of these tools.

  1. Remote time-lapse 

Time-lapse enables to see the complete daily work done at the construction site within seconds of video. This permits them to screen progress and identify and address potential problems. This can protect the health and lives of staff, monitor the construction progress and be an important factor in preventing construction gaps and overruns. So, if you own a construction site, then it is high time you seek for a service provider who can set up your cameras for your benefit.

That’s it! The best and most innovative ideas to create something as important as construction videos. As previously stated, employees are very valuable for a business, and these videos are another way of expressing that. In addition to keeping them in the best conditions, of course. If you have more questions, contact us at Studio 52.

Written by Studio52 Timelapse