In one of the previous articles (Track the Construction Progress with Time Lapse Videos), we spoke about the importance of time lapse video in construction industry, and had a look at overall significance of time lapse video. We also had penned down the places where time lapse cameras are used such as, malls, indoor and outdoor events, oil and gas industry, retail shops and many other.

By now, we have reached to the fact that along with being an advanced technology, time lapse videos are one of the convenient and cost-effective tools for monitoring and presenting your project. So, today we will go one step ahead. After realizing the benefits of time lapse video, in this article we will focus on the mistakes that have power to make your time lapse video inefficient.

Well, there are plenty of such mistakes which you can commit to ruin your time lapse video, but we will focus on major 7 mistakes that we have seen diverse industries making and then regretting for the same.

So, let’s get started.

  • Time Waits for None

And it will also not wait for your business. Once the construction or your project gets started there is no any perfect time in future to begin time lapse video. The best time to mount time lapse cameras and start recording is that very moment from when your project gets started.

Unfortunately, you would not be able to capture the entire making or progress of the project, if you will begin late. So, let the time lapse and your project be on the floor simultaneously.

  • Place Cameras Perfectly

Before mounting time lapse cameras or start capturing the progress, you need to have some objectives. In those objectives, you are required to make all those points which would be necessary while presenting your project. Mounting cameras and shooting video without any objective would be like running without direction.

So, you need to be clear on whether the outside area of construction is important or work site itself.

  • Make It Smooth Not Shaky

Do you want to capture and present each and every crucial happening of your site? Great, do that. You should do it but do it with perfection.

Pay attention on the camera movement. The faster camera movement, the blurrier recording is. And I am sure you would not like to present anything to the stakeholders that annoy them. If the area is wide, you can mount more cameras focusing on different areas of the site, but making your cameras move fast will lead to too much chaos. So, be canny and capture everything.

  • Don’t Shoot in JPEG Format

To save the space of storage, many choose to shoot in JPEG form, but do you think they can add the wow factor in your final presentation? Or Do you think they can provide the detailing in recording? I afraid, my answer is no.

To add the class in your video, capture the progress in RAW format. It will give a lot of freedom in post production.

  • Unlimited Storage Capacity

Our previous point (Don’t shoot in JPEG format) makes us think about the storage capacity; because JPEG consumes lesser space than RAW file. So, to solve this problem, I would suggest saving your data on cloud automatically. And also make sure that the cloud has unlimited storage space.

  • Firm Camera Mounting

Over the period of time, if cameras are not mounted firmly, they start pointing at and shooting floor as cameras dislocate from its place. And if it happens, it will spoil your time lapse video and hence the presentation. So, mount your time lapse cameras firmly.

  • No Normal Cameras

Your cameras have to work in harsh environment, so if you will use normal cameras, they will not produce the results as per your requirement. In fact, electronic products such as cameras, speakers, monitors and many other such products cannot bear with harsh environment; that is why always use ruggedized cameras to make time lapse video flawless.

So, here we mentioned the mistakes, which you must avoid in order to make a quality time lapse video.

One other mistake that businesses make is not hiring professional time lapse video partner. You know your business very well, but to present in a unique and engaging way, you need an experience time lapse video partner, who can deliver time lapse video with perfection for you.


Written by Studio52 Timelapse