Studio 52 has been working on capturing the essence of construction projects using time lapse video production since 1977 and we are happy to share some of that experience with you. In this article, we’re going to take a look into the evolution of recording and production techniques we’ve worked with for the past decade.

Keep in mind that we’ve worked on many projects over the last ten years, we’ll just be covering some of the highlights. Hopefully, learning about them will help you with your video production projects.

Origins of time lapse recording

Time Lapse video has been around for a long time, in 1872 Eadweard Muybridge used a series of cameras to capture the motion of a galloping horse. He then compiled the images into a recording of the horses running.

After that, visual artists and scientists used this technique to capture the movement of clouds, flowers blooming, food rooting, traffic passing and many other motions that are too slow for us to appreciate in real time. This became very popular, featuring on films and television shows.

Better equipment brought new possibilities

About a decade ago, interest in time lapse videos spiked again. Advances in modern cameras made this technique more accessible, people could use personal cameras to record their own time lapse videos, making them both more available and relatable. It was also easier for businesses to implement this on their marketing efforts. We started seeing groups for people to share their time lapse videos and they were all over social media.

That was not all, time lapse for construction projects became easier too. Which made us very happy since it’s the area we specialize in. A construction project can go on for years, which mean recording sessions were very long. In a regular time lapse video captures occur every minute, for construction, the average capture take occurs every half an hour. Just that fact makes recording sessions thirty times longer.

Nowadays, our cameras are solar powered and wireless. This makes a great difference in maintenance and reliability. Besides their internal storage, they have unlimited space in the cloud. Which gives us and our clients the option to view the recording life.

One of the key requirements for a great time lapse recording is keeping the camera on a set position. Before the facility of solar-powered cameras, they needed to be wired. This meant a lot less flexibility on angles for the takes. Now, we’re able to install cameras virtually anywhere, which translates in a better finishing for the end video.

Impact of the cloud

Cloud-based technology allows us to connect up to a thousand cameras to a single dashboard. This made the creation of full documentation of complex developments possible. This brings to mind our work with Swissboring, documenting the different tasks involved on their ICD project from January until May of 2017.

With the video we prepared for them, Swissboring was able to show their clients advances on the Piling work, Shoring work, and anchoring work. A month of work that is much better appreciated in this format.

Time lapse videos are a great way to remotely monitor your construction project. Avoid unnecessary site visits to make sure everything is on track. Not to mention they will make your meetings more engaging and productive, showing a year of progress in a few minutes will deliver your message quickly in a way that’s hard to forget. They are also a great way to promote your project.

The appearance of commercial drones

The most recent improvement on time-lapse recording came with commercial drones. It allowed recording mobile takes to professionally achieve a technique that came to be known as hyperlapse. Using mobile takes and witty editing, hyperlapse effects greatly improve the experience. It creates a whole new perspective which the audience appreciates very much.

Those are just some of the highlights from this past decade of experience. If you want to see more Timelapse recording projects you can visit us at Vimeo. (

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Written by Studio52 Timelapse