‘’Sometimes one sees things clearly years afterwards than one could possibly at the time’’.

Long term time lapse video covers the fascinating and interesting aspects of a project that tend to get overlooked. Its main function is to make interesting patterns of long-time recordings observable within a short period of a few seconds or minutes.

What is Long Term Time lapse

Long term time lapse videos, as the name suggests is precisely photography captured from a single vantage point for over a period of days, months or even years, to let you see the entire event even decades later!

Usually, a time lapse videos used to capture development of construction projects. To understand this better, try to remember those videos that you must have watched capturing changing seasons, Arctic ice movements, changes in river topography and more. Construction Time lapse videos are the best way to document everything from start to finish of a project. It can be used to track progress of any project such as renovation, re-branding, product-release or even business development.

Medical field and research has also gone a long way to benefit from Long term time lapse videos. Here, certain patterns take time to emerge, which is why long term time lapse is able to capture long term occurrences, such as the growth of cancer cells.

Essentials to Make Magnificent Time lapse

Understanding the pre-requisites to create long term timelapse video production is a must. Choosing the right equipment is imperative to ensure successful completion of long term time-lapse projects.

    • Camera:  It is important to have a high-quality camera to have good output. Megapixel count isn’t very essential as the final output will be in a HD video..
    • Lens: A prime lens might be required, if you know what your shot is beforehand. A cheap zoom lens may otherwise be preferable to have the flexibility to change the shot as needed.
    • Media Card: Always go with a media card of a bigger size in order to avoid running out of memory.
    • Long term time lapse intervalometer: This would require you to consider multiple options while choosing an intervalometer that serves your purpose.
    • Connectivity: Unless your long term time-lapse setup has on-site monitoring ability, it is necessary to have web connectivity. It might increases the cost but it has a great advantage. It can serve as a project management tool or allow stakeholders overseas to keep an eye on their project.

Make it More Engaging

Let’s be honest, no matter how well you shoot and edit your long term time lapse sequence, a full two minute time-lapse from just one vantage point is not going to be the most engaging thing you’ve ever watched. So, you need to be creative and make it engaging.

The best thing you can do for engagement is to supplement the long term time lapse with other footage – short term time lapse, video, interviews, aerial footage.

But, if you have only the long term time-lapse footage to work with, there are two things that can help significantly in making it more engaging: dynamic movement and motion graphics.

Getting a professional partner for an effective time lapse video :

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We have worked on a number of projects across the Middle East from construction to demolition sites. Our systems are designed for quick installation and can remain in place for any period of time, be it for a few hours or many years.We can customize our systems to match specific requirements.

So don’t lapse any moment in a long term project. We are here to capture even the unseen and the unnoticed!

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Written by Studio52 Timelapse