Building Foundation

Building of foundation is the most critical stage of any real estate project, be it residential, commercial, or industrial. Documenting this stage of construction will create a wealth of information for reference of your future projects and also help you in making your project presentation more engaging. We provide professional quality timelapse video production services in UAE for creating timelapse construction video of building foundation.



Building Construction

Time lapse for construction sites has proven to be a boon for project monitoring and marketing. In fact time lapse video production in Dubai is on the rise thanks to ever flourishing construction activities. We deliver stunning time lapse construction videos showcasing the entire story of your project’s construction step by step. We provide 360 degree services for projects of every scale and duration combined with value added benefits, so that you don’t need to worry about a single thing.





Maritime Construction

In maritime industry time lapse videos serve to document and monitor construction of ships and cruise. Documenting and monitoring such projects is critical for keeping track of step by step progress; for training, education & learning; and for promoting the project. Time lapse video services can also be hired to capture floating-out of ships, dry docking of ships, and repairs & painting of ships. Maritime time lapse videos can further be utilized to capture and showcase construction of a bridge over a river or sea, ships passing through canal locks, and even the entire voyage of a ship.



Critical Infrastructure Construction

Critical infrastructure construction is a wide domain which includes all facilities built for public utility and welfare such as highways, bridges, dams, sewage treatment plants, flood control facilities, water treatment plant, airports, railway stations, bus stations, shipping yard and more. Being a leading time lapse video production company in UAE, we provide end to end services to document and monitor every type of critical infrastructure project.




Oil & Gas Construction & Monitoring

There is an absolute and unequivocal need of time lapse video production in oil and gas industry. Timelapse video of rig construction features the complete project by capturing the process of assembling, welding, installing and launching. whether it’s short term or long term, time lapse is suitable for all kind of projects when it comes to recording and presenting your project. With time lapse cameras you can capture and present the most dynamic views of rig construction in motion in the most compelling and effective way.



Stadium Events

It takes a lot of efforts to create a successful sports event or for that matter any other event. But a standard video will not allow an insight into this account. However, a time lapse video will showcase the entire set up of the event. No matter whether the sporting event lasts for few hours or for an entire day or week, time lapse video helps in summarizing essence of the event. Studio 52 Time lapse is one of the best time lapse video production companies. We will cut through the monotony of time and present the entire event as a fascinating visual montage providing a proper foundation and climax to the story.



Land Reclamation

Land reclamation is a complex project involving heavy costs and a lot of efforts. Time lapse documentation of such projects helps in retaining information related to architectural and engineering techniques applied in the process. We have onboard an expert team for excellent time lapse video production of land reclamation. Whether you want to live monitor the entire project or simply want a stunning time lapse video, we can cater to your needs.



Outdoor Events Stage Construction

In events such as rock concerts, seminars, conferences, trade shows, fairs and festivals, coverage of pre-event activities is as much important as the actual event. Documenting pre-event is essential from the viewpoint of narrating exhaustive story of the event, which includes behind the scenes details as well. Our stage construction time lapse video will help you document and showcase pre-event exercise such as stage design & construction, materials supply, and pre-event management.