It’s too easy to get stuck in the moment. Too often do we neglect the big picture, or the final product, and only see what’s just beyond our nose. Studio 52 – technology division has in stock a range of time lapse construction cameras, solar powered wireless construction camera with all the perennials provided together. This allows a client to get started with a complete set up to record the ongoing construction, with which a they are taken out of their heads and on the whole journey.

We begin with what seems like nothing, and before our very eyes we witness the product of hard work and fast change just appear. What took hours, days, weeks, or even months to create; all happens in just a few moments on screen. Time lapse videos – For stake holders it is the level of reporting like never before!

Developers have found that construction cameras help them reduce or even prevent a range of common problems, such as liability and travel expenses, and keep projects on track. In our everyday life, tasks can seem daunting, arduous, or never-ending. With the distance of time, it can all seem like a breeze. Likewise in a construction time lapse video, cranes seem to be lifting Lego blocks rather than cement blocks that weigh several tons.

At Studio52 timelapse division we specialize in producing construction time lapse videos and providing time lapse video production services for various industries like Oil and gas , Maritime Industry , Real State/ Construction and much more across UAE , Kuwait , Saudi Arabia , Baharin , Oman ,& other middle east areas.. We can take your viewers on a journey through time for whatever your next project might be.

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Written by Studio52 Timelapse