The fact that construction companies have a lot to handle cannot be denied. There is a sense of urgency to monitor the daily progress of the projects. Any delays in that can badly strike the profits of the company and its brand value also. The management has to be perfect for all active projects, which isn’t as easy as it sounds.time lapse construction camera

On the other hand, to handle all the responsibilities involved in a construction project, much manpower and resources are required. This basically totals to be considerable sum as well.Amidst all the management; it becomes a challenge to work on the growth of brand value.

To avoid a variety of problems in the traditional monitoring method, a time lapse video is a perfect solution for the construction companies. This way you can supervise the work and witness the growth while being anywhere in the world! And guess what? It has the power to build trust and establish long lasting business relationships using timelapse videos.

The Concept of Time Lapse

What is Timelapse

Don’t know what a time lapse camera is? Here are a few essential pointers about it. A time-lapse photography captures the frames on a very slow speed in the video. It records the growth of your project day by day. When the video from a time lapse camera is played, it shows the video moving at a fast pace, showing the entire construction sequence. Magical, right?

Advantages of Time Lapse for Construction Companies


There are a lot of benefits of using timelapse . Some of them are:

    • Works as Great Promotion

    Marketing is crucial for every construction business. With a timelapse videos production, you have your company’s efforts on a certain project. That may have spanned years and you have it shown beautifully within a few minutes! This can serve as a great promotional tool for customers worldwide!

    The images it captures, such as live images and panoramic images show your progress in a marvelous way.

    • Documentation

    Keeping a video of your projects is always a wise decision. This way, you can have a record for the work you have done. Also, in the case of any legal discrepancies, you can use the video as a strong piece of evidence. Installing a time lapse construction camera along with a DVR unit is important.

Construction Timelapse

    • Shows Progress

    As a construction company, you have the responsibility to share your rate of growth to the important parties such as clients or shareholders of the company. Now that you have your daily progress duly documented, you can keep them updated from time to time easily, thus building the trust among investors.

    • Efficient Monitoring

    What works as a better monitoring tool than a video camera? The time lapse camera and DVR combo can help you capture the footage of your construction project and watch it from anywhere in the world. This means that the amount of resources and manpower required for monitoring can be reduced drastically!Better monitoring equals to better results and of course, increase in brand recognition.

    • Security

    The time lapse camera is on day and night. Which means, it will record even a bird flying by the property. With a time-lapse camera installed at the construction site, you can be sure that your property is safe from criminal activities or any other kinds of damage. It creates a great and more secure brand reputation.

    • Save Time

    The time lapse construction camera will enable you to access the most current growth of your project, which you can share with all important parties such as architects, engineers etc. Thus, it will save a lot of time and efforts on the part of all parties involved and you’ll gain a brand image as an efficient company!


Now that the importance of the time lapse video has been proven for the business, the question is, how do you select the most appropriate camera for your business? Contrary to popular belief, the kind of camera depends on a variety of factors. For example:

  • The condition of the construction site.
  • The people who need to view it and how frequently they need to view it.
  • The primary objective behind installing the camera.
  • The company’s budget for the camera.

Since a camera can be used centric to a number of purposes, it is always advised to consult a proficient construction camera company for the best one that suits your business perfectly.

The time lapse camera is no longer a luxury for construction businesses, but an absolute necessity. In a world of competition, the camera can help you have an added advantage. Be it marketing, monitoring or management- you can trust the time lapse camera with everything! To all construction companies out there, it’s time to level up the game!

Written by Studio52 Timelapse