Timelapse video… You already know a lot about it. You also know a lot about the use of timelapse video in a wide range of industries such as construction, oil and gas, energy, restaurant and many more. So, today we are going a step further in the subject of timelapse. We will be talking about how timelapse drone shot videos are useful for real estate projects.

Real estate projects take a whole lot of time in construction process; hence timelapse technique fulfills the need of recording, monitoring and documentation. But then why does one need drone shot videos?

  • Cost-effective

Earlier, to have an aerial view of a project, people had to do photography in a helicopter or arrange for aerial mast. But after the invention of drones, there is no need of incurring all those costs. Apart from that, after the configuration process, drones are automatic and reduce the workforce to shoot the video; this is one of the reasons that make drone photography cost effective. Drones are also very easy to use.

  • Bird’s eye view

With drones you can touch untouched heights. Drones capture dynamic views of your project and surrounding area. It may be possible that you want to have a view from the balcony or window of 8th floor, but your construction is not ready. At that time, drones are a quite useful resource. That’s how the aerial view can be used to inform decisions about construction planning early in the process.

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  • Play load & Environment

Drones are quite adaptable with play loads and unpredictable environment. They can survive unfavorable environmental conditions.

  • Pitch Investors with USP

Yes, drone photography is very famous, but are you sure your competitors are using it to pitch their investors?

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Along with capturing all important details of your project, drone photography enables you to make your pitch presentation unique and interesting.

So, give the edge of uniqueness to your presentation in the most cost effective way. At Studio 52, we provide professional, reliable and end to end timelapse services. We capture bird’s eye view after understanding your needs and putting the entire real estate development into context. Whether it’s a long-run project or short-run project, we make sure your timelapse video communicates your purpose.

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Written by Studio52 Timelapse