Time-lapse videos confined to the projection of a motion picture which presents a slow course of action in a speeded mode.

So, why precisely is it that time-lapse video production is so mainstream in the construction business?

As it renders months of construction captured in just minutes of video!

At present, time lapse video production broadly captured the construction industry, due to which they emerge as a powerful tool for promotion, analyzing & monitoring the progress of the site.

The timelapse is a monitoring technique regularly used on construction and demolition sites. The credit goes to the timelapse camera that takes pictures at regular intervals & also provides a short video that gives the illusion of time in an accelerated manner.

Below is the video examples of time-lapse work video:

Time Lapse Video Production

Here are the perks of placing /installing ​a time-lapse camera ​at the construction site.

  • Surveillance
  • Security  
  • Marketing
  • Project management


When you fix a time-lapse camera at the respective construction site. Then, the concerned time-lapse video company provides you with the recording videos such that it facilitates below-mentioned activities:

  • The progress of ongoing work.
  • Evolutions of the site.  
  • Monitor changes & all the necessary task to perform at each stage of the construction.


  • Construction time-lapse camera provides remote video watching which will lead to attaining high-level security for all workers at the construction site.
  • With the time-lapse moving camera, the complete construction site is accessible by the administrator, so they can give the warning and alert to all the worker if there is any suspicious conduct at the site, thereby reducing criminal misfortune and harm.


The best aspect of time-lapse videos is that they showcase a project in a bigger & better interface. Thus, the time-lapse video acts as marketing media for promoting the site for sale purpose.

Further, the video can be promoted on different channels to reach potential buyers.


  • Website
  • Social media channels.
  • Client presentation
  • TV ads

Project management:

With remote monitoring, project management becomes easy & efficient at the same time.

  • At the management level, the video helps construction managers to compare a project’s progress each day.
  • Create time-lapse construction videos and view the camera feed away from the job site live via an Internet-connected computer, laptop, or smartphone.
  • It also helps in sharing the report with the client, stakeholder, & investment.

If you’re in the construction business, and about to start a new project so it must for you to get in touch with time-lapse video production company & fix your construction site with the time-lapse camera, before the start of construction.

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