From tracking the progress of a large-scale housing development, to capturing the construction of a building, proper functioning of time lapse cameras is crucial. Even in extreme weather conditions — snow, hail, wind, rain —they must provide uninterrupted, complete and reliable coverage for clients. But in unpredictable outdoor conditions, how can you actually control time lapse monitoring? Here are four ways to do it.

Ensure robust camera protection

Irrespective of its surroundings, the time lapse video system’s software should stay unaffected. In winter, especially during freezing temperatures, proper functioning of certain components may be threatened. With temperature regulation and proper climate control (by providing cooling or heating, as needed), you can defeat adverse weather. Since excessive moisture may damage the camera system, you also need to deal with precipitation and condensation. Doing all these would ensure your time lapse equipment continues to send high-quality, consistent images throughout the project, even under adverse weather conditions

Fix the camera system securely

Strong winds and forceful rains may play havoc with your camera system’s placement if it’s not securely fixed at its designated place. At times, you may not be able to fix the system to a permanent structure. In such cases, custom-made materials like strong brackets and other bespoke fixings should be used for successful installation of the time lapse camera. This would ensure the camera stays in place during extreme weather and continues sending a steady stream of consistent images for monitoring.

Use remote capabilities of the camera

Many professional cameras used to shoot time lapse videos today come with in-built remote capabilities. Wondering why does this matter? In case you have such cameras installed, you can use their remote access feature to adjust their shutter speed and exposure settings when the weather outdoor becomes precarious. This way, you can ensure the image quality and consistency in clarity despite adverse weather conditions.Additionally, you can see potential problems disturbing the camera system in real-time from any location that’s linked wirelessly to the same network and make necessary settings adjustments. This decreases the risk of a compromised capture even under extreme weather conditions.

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Get experienced engineers involved

Despite the above steps, you may still need expert human hands to mitigate issues and risks associated with your time lapse capture under extreme weather. This is where getting experienced engineers involved would help. Since they possess the right knowledge and skills necessary for working outdoors in all weather, they will ensure the entrusted job is completed safely and efficiently. But you shouldn’t wait for a disaster to happen before involving them. Instead, they should be involved right from the installation stage.

Get certified professionals to install the time lapse camera system, who’ll ensure proper image capture, and handle the system’s overall management round the year. And the best part of involving them? They would be your sure-shot insurance against irregular weather because even if something goes wrong, these professionals would handle it fast and efficiently.

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