Timelapse video has been around for a while now. Condensing extended periods of time into minutes of video creates impressive effects. However, it’s hardly something new. Today we’re not going to talk about what timelapse is. In this article, we’re going to take a look into how to use it for your marketing.

Before, we saw timelapse primarily on scientific studies or artistic pursuits. However, technological advances have made it widely available. Using timelapse videos for your marketing is no longer an unattainable wish. 

That brings up the question, how do I use timelapse on my marketing strategies? There are many different ways. It’s important to keep in mind that each audience and goal requires a unique approach. You need to find what will work better for your brand. 

Timelapse takes little time and concentration

This is one of the top perks of using timelapse video for your marketing. You can tell a truly complex story in just a few minutes. Timelapse video will make those long and complicated process easy to digest. This works particularly well to show construction progress. Months of work can be condensed into a few minutes. In today’s market that can make a real difference when displaying a project.

Show that you mean business

Timelapse video is a great tool to transmit the feeling of large scale operations. Do you offer event services? Show in a few minutes all the people that came to your event on a day. Do you offer advertisement services? Give your leads a taste of your reach with a breathtaking timelapse scene. 

Let people know how monumental your task is

Some tasks are so large that explaining them could take a book. Now, you can’t expect regular people to read a book about your project. What you can do is filming the key angles with timelapse cameras. Then, use that to show the world how monumental your project truly is. How knows? Once they get that preview they might be more willing to hear the full explanation.

Keep your audience’s attention

Another great way to leverage timelapse video on your marketing strategies. This medium is not exclusive for explaining complicated processes. It can be quite entertaining too. Keep in mind that the soul of content marketing is adding value to your changes. At the end of the day, people enjoy entertainment. 

There are many different ways to use timelapse video for your marketing. Hopefully, these tips will help you find the right one. However, if you’re still not sure about what will be the best way to leverage you can always call us. Get a free consultation now! +971-4-454-1054

Written by Studio52 Timelapse