Timelapse confined to present the work of months or years in a short span without losing the essence of the project. Industries, where the project requires months or years to finish, uses timelapse extensively as it helps in monitoring & documenting the complete project. Be it construction industry or oil & gas industry or energy industry or any industry taking a long time to finish one task, each of them gets benefits regarding powerful presentation at competitive cost prices.

Here in this update will share the importance of timelapse camera mainly oil & gas sector.

In-depth Recording

Timelapse video features the complete project by capturing the process of assembling, welding, installing and launching as it covers every aspect of your project, including complete detailed information of equipment.

In Built Remote Sensors

Timelapse cameras detect each minute remote motion along with recording patterns of rig activities because they have inbuilt remote sensors. These cameras notify the registered number when any unusual movement is detected.

Self Powered Technique

The most beneficial aspect of timelapse camera is the self-powered technique. When conventional power and wired connectivity fail, timelapse cameras function properly. They are designed in such a way that they don’t need electricity or wire connectivity to perform their tasks.

Long Term TL project:

Whether it’s a small term or long term, timelapse is suitable for all kind of projects. Mainly oiling & drilling are long duration projects, where timelapse cameras can capture long term project and present the most dynamic view most compellingly and effectively.

Weather Resistant

Timelapse cameras are designed to sustain & work in harsh environmental conditions. As the process of drilling rigs occurs in harsh environmental conditions which will likely to cause damages. Thus, time lapse is the best-suited option for recording in oil & gas drilling industry.

So, smartly monitor your rig construction project and present a timelapse video that leaves an everlasting impact.

At Studio 52, we provide end-to-end services that include the phase of camera installation to cinematic timelapse video production.

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Written by Studio52 Timelapse