Did you know construction time lapse videos can act as powerful tools for your demolition projects?

Most people consider time lapse videos useful for monitoring their construction sites. But they often ignore their use at demolition sites. As towns and cities grow, old buildings often need to be demolished to make way for the new ones. Then there are those dilapidated buildings that need immediate demolition for safety. In all such cases, time lapse construction cameras can be put to efficient use.

Business benefits of time lapse videos are varied. If you are still debating their usefulness, here’s how they can help:

    • Ensure safety of the workmen and the surroundings: These are the key concerns of any demolition project. Regardless of the type of demolition, utmost care and consideration has to be exercised in all aspects to ensure safety of the workers and their surroundings. Installation of time lapse cameras at the site can ensure safe and efficient undermining, shifting or razing of the builds.
    • Monitor the progress: Time lapse construction videos can capture images at regular intervals. Wonder why this matters? Such videos would help to monitor how fast and efficiently the work is carried out. This real-time monitoring can even help implement necessary changes to keep the demolition project on track.
    • Help in preserving the past: Demolition projects often act as the initial phases of remodeling works. At times, retaining some past elements may be required. This is especially true for sites having a significant cultural heritage. Time lapse videos can capture the meticulous demolition works taking place around the past elements that need to be retained.
    • Useful tool in training: Construction time lapse cameras are used in various demolition projects. From restoration of old buildings to retaining some past heritage elements while demolishing everything else in the vicinity, they capture varied phases. These comprehensive narratives can be used for training in construction. Even construction work requiring specialization in demolishing certain structures securely can benefit from these time lapse videos.
    • Stakeholder and customer engagement: Professionally edited time lapse videos of demolition work can provide the investors and customers with live view of the site. Thus, they keep them updated about the job’s progress. But that’s not all. These videos also help in establishing trust and brand identity.
    • Enhanced PR value: Time lapse videos give you an engaging visual format to share and celebrate your successes. You can use a customized web link to time lapse videos on your website, which your clients can see from anywhere through client login. You may even share the videos on your social media accounts. Wonder why they matter? Because all these would help you drum up publicity for your demolition teams’ capability and efficiency.

But that’s not all. With planned time lapse videos for your demolition projects, you can enjoy these:

    • Improved community engagement by displaying the impact and value of your restoration works.
    • Improved web traffic by using the impressive video content captured in your construction time lapse videos.
    • Better internal engagement with your team as you share their hard work and laudable effort with the world.

And the best part? You get to enjoy all these benefits with the simple decision of using time lapse video production services  for your demolition projects.

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Written by Studio52 Timelapse