In a thriving industry like construction, it’s important to market a construction project as effectively as possible. The most modern trend in addition to routine good uses like video surveillance and monitoring, Timelapse video is becoming a popular tool for another purpose: marketing a construction project.

A typical construction timelapse video by Studio52 uses solar powered construction camera or solar powered timelapse camera that captures the key stages of projects, bring them to life in a short form video and allow Senior Management to celebrate the successes of their teams, review working practices and reflect on a job well done.

However, Time Lapse Videos can also deliver huge value to Marketing, PR and Communications teams within these industries.

The capabilities of timelapse technology have reached far beyond the simple “stop motion” timelapse videos of yesterday. These days, the timelapse video is cutting-edge, and makes use of high-end technology to create great results:

    • High Definition, Full Color, Smooth Playback
    • Image Overlays, Comparison of progress across different dates
    • Manipulate Images, Time Stamps and Information Overlays
    • Easy to use online and mobile applications accessible from any device

Marketing your Construction Project With Time Lapse Video

There are a wide variety of ways that using construction timelapse video can help you market your project, and many benefits to be had from that marketing strategy

Market Your ServicesLet your stakeholders see progress, marvel at efficiency, and anticipate completion. When stakeholders can see what’s going on, they’ll be talking about your work and your business.

Promotional and Charitable Sponsorship: Maybe your construction project involves promotional sponsorship, either by a corporate or charitable entity. In either case, it will be highly beneficial for your construction project marketing to overlap with any sponsorship presence at the job site. They won’t mind a little bit of extra publicity on their end.

Making Impressive Timelapse that stand out

As part of our comprehensive video production services, Studio52 offers a range of timelapse photography solutions. Timelapse photography can work brilliantly as a standalone tool to tell the story of an engineering or construction project or to illustrate processes that take place over a long period of time.

Final Words

Watching a timelapse video of a your project is fascinating. In just a few minutes you see the entire projects process unfold.

Studio52 providing time lapse video production services for various industries like Oil and gas , Maritime Industry , Construction Time lapse videos and much more across UAE , Kuwait , Saudi Arabia , Baharin , Oman ,& other middle east areas.

Studio 52 is a leading audio-video production house from Dubai,UAE having over 4 decades of experience in the field. No matter, whether your project is short term or long term, whether the environment is hot or cold, Studio 52 can help you document your project with specialized solar powered wireless time lapse camera system and an expert crew.

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Written by Studio52 Timelapse