It is a natural human attraction to capture beautiful moments. Sometimes it’s just for sentimental value, but oftentimes it has tremendous potential from cultural, economical and business perspective as well. So when you are building something remarkable, it is obvious that you would want to capture the story of its creation from start to finish.

Time lapse videos then, is the technique you must look for in order to make people enlightened about your corporate work process or even culture.

Time lapse Videos Production for effective communication

For every construction company, the biggest challenge is to keep a tab on multiple projects simultaneously and make sure that every project progresses in alignment with the planned schedule. Delays in managing project timeline can prove costly, while at the same time continuous monitoring, supervision and coordination requires lots of manpower, which in turn adds to the budget. But there is an innovative solution which can put all your worries to rest. Yes, we are talking about time lapse videos.

How useful time lapse construction cameras, construction time lapse videos, and Drone shot time lapse videos  are — not just for improving work at the construction sites, but for all the work that needs to get done by teams who are a great distance from the work site and each other. When people are engaged with their teams and their work, when communication is efficient, it’s a win for productivity and successful projects.

Time lapse video production services can also be implemented to market business platform, expand communications within the industry, and drive influencing traffic across the websites. Time lapse videos for your business project can easily impart the following:

    • Engagement across all your digital platforms .
    • Effective communication with stakeholders & associates .
    • Strong user-engagement .
    • Open up business opportunities to the larger degree.

Studio52’s Superb Construction Time Lapse Video Services

Studio 52 – technology division has in stock a range of time lapse construction camerassolar powered wireless construction camera with all the perennials provided together. This allows a client to get started with a complete set up to record the ongoing construction, with which a they are taken out of their heads and on the whole journey. We aim to deliver stylish, punchy videos that strike the perfect balance between engaging your audience, and successfully communicating your story.

Let’s check out our working efficiency –

    • We produce cost effective, tailored time lapse video solutions.
    • We are safety accredited. We have the training, experience, and certifications to work safely virtually anywhere.
    • Automated Time Lapse – These videos are automatically created as per the schedule you set.
    • Live Video Streaming Facility.
    • Construction Ventures – The construction ventures can be from residential to institutional & commercial to industrial to civil engineering or construction for special purpose.
    • Storage Hi-Res images and videos are stored on cloud automatically. It can be shared with stakeholders whenever you want.
    • Highly creative time lapse video solutions.

Final Words:

Every day professionals like you are working under pressure and in a risky environment. These conditions make construction an extremely challenging industry. The good news is that you can apply techniques that can improve your work.

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Written by Studio52 Timelapse