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construction video production

A construction company and videos don’t seem to be a characteristic fit at first look. But due to the increase of digitalization like other business, the video is the most prominent way to share data rapidly in the construction industry too. As construction videos show inside working of the site or the advancement of a building …

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time lapse camera

In the construction business, experts deduce that a standout amongst the most important assets is time. The procedures in this industry typically take weeks, month, even years. In the meantime, you frequently need to monitor your worksite & at the managerial level, it is required to make a progress report & also attend conferences that …

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timelapse construction camera

Middle East countries such as Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, and Kuwait are mostly popular for their oil and gas manufacturing industries. But construction companies are fast becoming a booming industry in the Middle East. If you have such a business then you must install a construction time-lapse camera at your project site. Monitoring large scale …

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time lapse solutions

Nowadays, for businesses, it is important to make use of time lapse services. Many industries such as marine, construction and other such are witnessing the importance of the long term time lapse camera . It has become a great way to increase the client base. The captivating short video about the whole process, right from …

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5 tips for shooting timelapse videos

Have your time lapse videos failed to hold your audience’s attention and ended up boring/tiring them? Often times, some of the small yet important things that can make your time lapse videos go wrong. For example, shaky or blurred images; flickers (due to slight variations between shots) or a sudden shift in the focused object (just because you …

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Timelapse Video Production Services

From changing light and shadows, to moving people and equipment, to building things, a timelapse technology presents a magnificent cinematic experience. Time lapse videos are extremely interesting ways to capture motion and then using the fast forward mode for progression of time to create a stunning experience. The essence of a captivating timelapse video lies …

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Construction time lapse camera

From tracking the progress of a large-scale housing development, to capturing the construction of a building, proper functioning of time lapse cameras is crucial. Even in extreme weather conditions — snow, hail, wind, rain —they must provide uninterrupted, complete and reliable coverage for clients. But in unpredictable outdoor conditions, how can you actually control time …

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Construction Timelapse Videos

It is a natural human attraction to capture beautiful moments. Sometimes it’s just for sentimental value, but oftentimes it has tremendous potential from cultural, economical and business perspective as well. So when you are building something remarkable, it is obvious that you would want to capture the story of its creation from start to finish. …

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Video Editing Tips by Studio52

Do the names Ben Brown, Pew Die Pie and Steve Cook mean anything to you? No? Maybe Tess Christine or Casey Neistat? If not, this blog may be more useful to you than you think, particularly if you have plan to or have recently embarked on your videography adventure. The names we just mentioned belong …

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Timelapse Video Marketing

Capturing the Millennial Market: Taking advantage through Social Media The world is going digital. And modern technology is evidently the new form of media. If we would be looking at the demographics, a big percentage of millennial people spend most of their time on their Social Media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Also, these platforms are …

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