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Time-Lapse Camera for construction videos

Every construction project is different in its own way, but they all have a few things which are common in every project. Every project requires a lot of planning, management & hard work. The last thing anyone needs is a construction time-lapse camera that adds to all that complexity. The first task of making a …

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Timelapse Video Production Services

From changing light and shadows, to moving people and equipment, to building things, a timelapse technology presents a magnificent cinematic experience. Time lapse videos are extremely interesting ways to capture motion and then using the fast forward mode for progression of time to create a stunning experience. The essence of a captivating timelapse video lies …

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Construction time lapse camera

From tracking the progress of a large-scale housing development, to capturing the construction of a building, proper functioning of time lapse cameras is crucial. Even in extreme weather conditions — snow, hail, wind, rain —they must provide uninterrupted, complete and reliable coverage for clients. But in unpredictable outdoor conditions, how can you actually control time …

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time lapse construction camera

Nowadays everyone follows “Go Green” or becoming more environmentally conscious with solar technology and increasing recycling awareness. Solar cameras or solar timelapse camera use the solar panel to get power and there are no electric sources or cabling required. Security industry adopts the alternative energy sources which can help efficiently to save electricity is solar energy. But there are …

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Drone Timelapse Videos for construction

If you are working in the construction industry, you might be familiar with timelapse photography and how it can facilitate documentation, monitoring and marketing of your construction project. If you want to learn about the role of timelapse in construction industry, you can refer our blog post which shows how to Track the Construction Progress with …

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