Video is Good..

Video MarketingWhether you are organizing a corporate event, trade show, conference, seminar or exhibition, it’s vital to capture video of the event. Because when you share such videos on company website, on social media pages and in emails, they help you drive engagement, better connect with your audience and enhance brand image. Statistics also agree with this fact. According to a research video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80% or more. Another research stats that 75% of business executives watch work related videos at least weekly. While videos have the power to boost your business, various corporate events provide you with the kind of rich content that could be useful to your audience.

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…but Time Lapse Video is Great

You may already be doing video promotion of your events. Or you may be sold on the pitch presented above to capture video of your event. But wait! Though a traditional video is good to promote your event, a time lapse video can do great wonders. Time lapse video production is more captivating, more engaging, and helps you tell the entire story of your event in a short, snappy video. In fact many entrepreneurs are aware about the advantages of time lapse video. However complexities prevailing around its production and concerns over cost factor prevent them from using it.

To shed light on this issue and help businesses tell fascinating event stories through time lapse videos, Mr. Moiz Saeed, Director of Studio 52, shared his views. He has extensive experience in video production and time lapse production.

What differentiates a time lapse video from a traditional video?

Traditional video will tells the story of an event in bits and pieces. It can’t capture entire essence of the event. Further these videos tend to be lengthy. Many a times, due to lack of pace such videos fail to capture buzz and zest of the event and need a lot of editing in post production, which is time consuming.

Time lapse video on the other hand cuts through the monotony of time and helps you showcase the event in a seamless sequence. Beginning from pre-event footage of construction of stage, art installations, and other important structures to people flooding in, moving with the rhythm of the event and participating in various activities, time lapse video sums up all in a short, stunning video.

Is time lapse video actually very costly?

Well, it costs a little more than traditional video, but that additional buck spent delivers more than its monetary value. So rather than expense, I would call it investment. And when you use such videos in business presentations, it will win the heart of audiences and elevate your event to the next level.

What factors businesses should consider while selecting a time lapse video production company?

I am glad you asked this because this selection is very crucial. I would say that instead of just believing in what’s written on the website, entrepreneurs should check out portfolio of the company they want to work with. From analyzing their previous work, they can decide whether company’s services meet their expectations or not. Apart from that experience and availability of resources are also major factors.

Time Lapse:- Studio52 projects Loop from Studio 52 on Vimeo.

At Studio 52 how do you approach a time lapse event coverage project?

A time lapse event coverage project involves multiple teams. First we carry out the site survey, then we install time lapse cameras at vantage points for still time lapse photography. Depending on client’s requirements, we provide photographers to click in-motion time-lapse photos, which are popularly known as hyper lapse. We also provide drones for aerial time lapse production. Once the footage is shot, it is edited by a team of professionals. After editing, our post production team adds the final touch and converts footage into a cinematic time lapse movie.

You mentioned hyper lapse and aerial time lapse, what are these?

Hyper lapse is basically time lapse but it involves motion through dimensions of time as well as space. In aerial time lapse unmanned drones are used to capture shots from various aerial perspectives.

Which services do you provide at Studio 52?

We have a team expert in all construction time lapse , drone time lapse , aerial time lapse ,whether event duration is 2-3 days, a week or even an entire month, we provide timely delivery of top quality time lapse videos across UAE , Kuwait , Saudi Arabia , Baharin , Oman ,& other middle east areas.

How this time lapse trend is poised to unravel in the future?

Time lapse is future. Right now time lapse videos are popular among construction companies and event management companies, but more sooner than later, list of industries will expand with the time.

If you are looking for time lapse videos for construction sites or any major event, or if you need more information, you can get in touch with Studio 52 Time Lapse at +9714-4541054. Don’t forget to share your feedback in the comments.

Written by Studio52 Timelapse