Studio52 Time Lapse provide professionally managed time lapse video service across UAE. We are a leading time lapse video production company in Dubai.

Our Time Lapse services are ideal when all you need is high resolution time lapse videos and off-line monitoring of the construction process. In this case it is not important to monitor construction progress via mobile, laptop or iPad from a remote location.

The project site could be indoors or outdoors. Project duration could be short, medium or long. We have resources, capabilities and a highly skilled team of professionals – consisting of photographers, film experts, editors and post production engineers – to turn hours, days, weeks, months and years of project work spanning more than 500 hours into a stunning and flawless time lapse sequence. When you partner with us for time lapse video production, you need not to worry about a single thing, as we provide you comprehensive services beginning from site survey to camera installation, maintenance, delivery of cinematic time lapse video and 24/7 online support.


When Only Stunning Time Lapse Video is Required

When Only Stunning Time Lapse Video is Required

When all you need is a stunning quality time lapse video to take your project presentation a notch above, we deliver time lapse video production services without live monitoring and online access to cameras installed at your project site. We will deliver time lapse video and all our core services with uninterrupted support and absolute dedication. This will be an ideal and cost-effective solution when you are already equipped to adequately supervise your project and continuous remote monitoring of the project is not feasible.


High Resolution Time lapse Camera System

If you are concerned about time lapse camera review for construction, rest assured, we are geared up with 100% solar, 100% wireless American technology time lapse construction camera systems. These equipments work offline and are good and ready to create high resolution time lapse content Rugged and reliable, our camera systems perform well under extreme weather conditions. Moreover our revolutionary construction solar cameras are best fit for locations where consistent conventional power connectivity is not available.

High Resolution Time lapse Camera System
Valued Added Services

Valued Added Services

At Studio 52 Time Lapse, we go an extra mile to provide you a bundle of value added services. We take care of all your needs from camera installation at vantage points to complete maintenance. To keep you updated about construction progress and share it with stakeholders, we will deliver high resolution time lapse videos on monthly basis. At the completion of project we will provide you a cinematic quality time lapse movie digitally enhanced and professionally edited by our post production services team.