Everyone loves sports. Some loves football, some loves basketball, some enjoys cricket while some roots for rugby. The game changes but the excitement, ecstasy of fans for their favorite sports remains same. But as fun as it is to watch your favorite game, it is equally complex, tiresome and difficult to successfully manage the entire event. You would understand it perfectly if you are in the business of managing sports events. Imagine there’s football world cup. Two of the most potent teams eligible for the title are clashing. Do you reckon how much efforts would go into making this event a grand success? Beginning from keeping the stadium and ground cutting edge to management of entertainment, security, event coverage and many more of such important aspects of organizing the event have to fall in the right place to ensure that the event happens as planned without a fuss. But all these planning and activities take place backstage. So the audience never gets to know about it. Further, coverage of the event also serves to tell the story of event in bits and pieces.

But now, there is a revolutionary technology available which can address all these issues. Which can tell the entire story of your event – beginning from the planning stage to kick off and closing ceremony – in a seamless manner within few minutes. This technology is called timelapse photography or videography. Timelapse photography is a technique in which photos of the desired object, scene, target are captured at a fixed interval of time during the span of activity. These photos are then pieced together and presented as a compressed visual documentary of the actual event. Such manipulation of time facilitates presenting an event or a change occurring over a period of hours, days, months and even years in just minutes. Considering the utilities of timelapse videos, there is a huge scope for using timelapse photography in capturing sports events.

Benefits of timelapse videos for sports events

Tells the complete story

Timelapse photography is a great way to tell stories. No matter whether the sporting event lasts for few hours or for an entire day or week, timelapse video helps in summarizing essence of the event. Even if photos are captured at periodic intervals, the movie, after editing, presents the entire sequence in a seamless manner. Not only the actual event, but activities occurring before and after the event are also captured in the timelapse video, which provides a complete foundation and climax to the story.

Captures the buzz of event

A timelapse video cuts through the monotony of time and presents the entire event as a fascinating visual montage. It captures the minor details yet leaves out the boring part. Take for example the process of a bud blooming into a flower. You would be bored out of your mind if you sat there and watched it grow stage by stage. But if you saw the same process through a timelapse video, you will be amazed to see how breathtaking it is! It works similarly for the sports event. Timelapse video captures the zest of audience, the liveliness with which they indulge in the game and all the celebrations. This makes your event and its buzz come to life in true sense.

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Showcases resources & capabilities

It takes a lot of efforts to create a successful sports event or for that matter any other event. But a traditional video will not allow an insight into this account. However, a timelapse video will showcase the entire set up of the event. Prospective investors and sponsors can get an overview about the ability of your team to set the stage for any event of the presented scale. This in turn will help you win new clients and business.

Perfect promotional tool

With timelapse video, it becomes easy and quick to promote the event. Such videos can be easily uploaded on social media websites and can be quickly shared at the click of a button. Further, social media users tend to watch like and share video content which is crisp and qualitative in presentation. Hence, a timelapse video can be an ideal tool for you to promote your event to a worldwide audience. It will not only help the event gain recognition, but also set it up to receive the applause it deserves.

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Written by Studio52 Timelapse