Our Time lapse Plus services are ideal when you need entire time lapse video of your project from start to completion as well as would like to monitor the project site in real time on mobile phone, laptop or iPad. Whether your project site is indoors or outdoors, project duration is short run or long run, we provide best in class project monitoring and time lapse video services in UAE. Our team is equipped and experienced to deliver best time lapse for construction, oil & gas, maritime and many other industries.

To monitor, market, and manage your project throughout its entire construction, we will provide you a fully customized and responsive web based portal. The portal will unleash the power of a host of smart features like Live View images, live video streaming, configured DVR recording, date & time stamped image library, photo editing & sharing and more. The portal can be embedded into your company website and can be accessed from any location via any PC, tablet or mobile.




Time Lapse Video with Live Access

Our solar powered time lapse cameras are bundled with cloud connectivity and help you keep real time eyes on the project from any location no matter where you are. Receiving live data feed from the construction time lapse cameras installed at your project site will enable you to make sure that your project is progressing in alignment with the timeline and take corrective measure if required. Live access to cameras will work effectively to double the safety and productivity.



Cloud-Based Control Loaded with Unique Features

Our time lapse video production services are the best in UAE. We will create a custom built web based portal to suit specific requirements of your project. It will be a cloud based portal linked directly to equipments installed at your project site accessible from laptop, mobile phone, tablet, or iPad. This web embeddable portal will make monitoring your project and sharing its progress very easy and effective with multitudes of unique features such as on-demand picture, photo comparison tool, instant time lapse access, and image color enhancement.



Multi-camera dashboard

Our dedicated web based portal linked by satellite with construction time lapse cameras installed at your project site will work as a multi-camera dashboard for you. Using this portal you can control and switch between multiple time lapse cameras installed at various locations at your project site. We will deliver an enhanced time lapse video every month to quickly view and share the progress of your project. At the end of project, we will provide you an incredible timelapse video blended with music and titles showcasing the entire story of your project with zest and pep. This is what takes our time lapse video production to the next level.