It is fascinating to watch visuals of constructing something from nothing to an enormous sky scrapper. Modern motion graphics technology has given us the opportunity to create such visuals. But, there is an alternative to this technology that can help in showing the actual building’s construction. It is called timelapse video production.The complete construction is compiled within a video, which can help investors and stakeholders view the whole construction process and methods. And this will a great form of content for your website or social media.It’s important to know some factors that you should keep in mind while making construction time lapse video of your site.

Make a Plan

If you are thinking about making time lapse video of your site, the first thing you need to define how to do it effectively. You need to plan what you should capture, the frequency and the duration of your time lapse video recording .

Find Good Cameras

To make a HD/4K time lapse video, you need to get some good cameras depending on your specific requirement. For instance, DSLR cameras can help you can produce great manual timelapses. Think of your requirement and then choose the right camera that suits your needs.

Add an Intervalometer

Intervalometer is a device that triggers an action after specific intervals. You can set a fixed interval time that your timelapse camera should capture images.

Use a Tripod/Gorillapod

Timelapse video production needs hours & hours of recording. You cannot hold your camera that long. So, you need a Tripod. You absolutely need a tripod to ensure consistent frames in your video. In some sites, it can be difficult to utilize a tripod. In these cases, you can mount your time-lapse camera at an ideal spot that will facilitate the process.

Hire an Agency

If you are willing to get timelapse videos for your business but don’t have the time to monitor the whole process, then you can hire an agency that will do it for you. Some agencies also provide post-production & editing services too.

Making Construction time lapse videos for your sites will give you an edge over your competitor.

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