What is a time lapse video?

Time-lapse photography or videography is a technique whereby the frequency at which film frames are captured is much lower than that used to view the sequence. So, when played at normal speed, time appears to be moving faster and thus lapsing. The main objective of timelapse video is that it makes it possible to view events or changes occurring over a period of hours, days, months or years in a short period. This summarized visual documentary brings subtle changes to the fore which would otherwise have gone unnoticed.

There are many applications of timelapse videos such as in construction, security & surveillance, traffic management, oil & gas, environment monitoring, agriculture & ranching, power plants and many more industries. Here’ we will take a look at how timelapse videos are benefiting maritime industry.

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Maritime applications of timelapse video

In maritime industry timelapse videos serve to document and monitor construction of ships, floating-out of ships, dry docking of ships and repairs & painting of ships. Timelapse videos can also be utilized to capture and showcase construction of a bridge over a river or sea, ships passing through canal locks, and even the entire voyage of a ship.

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5 benefits of timelapse videos for maritime industry

Construction of a ship, dry docking of ships, repairs & painting of ships, all these are very complex projects. Documenting and monitoring such projects is critical for a number of reasons like keeping track of step by step progress; for training, education & learning and for promoting the project. There are many more advantages, let’s review each one in detail.

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Documenting your project

Timelapse video helps you document your entire project from the beginning till end. Suppose your company is building a ship, then beginning from construction of hull till the floating out of ship, timelapse documentary helps you compress the entire process in minutes.

Live monitoring

Most timelapse production companies integrate timelapse cameras with a web portal. This allows you to keep real time eyes on the progress of your project with live streaming and photos so that you can coordinate with team and complete the project in time.

Training & knowledge sharing

Timelapse videos are also useful when you want to document processes and techniques employed in the making of a project to be used as a prototype or for training and analysis. For such knowledge sharing films, intended to capture minor details and processes at every stage of project, extended timelapse videos are recommended.

Project report

Library of date and time stamped timelapse images serves as a testimony to events occurred over a period of time. It can be used to seek help in legal matters and also to create an authentic report of project activities.

Project promotions

A cinematic timelapse movie is the best way to tell the story of your project. You can upload this video on your website, social media sites and share it with worldwide audience. It will showcase your resources, strengths and capabilities to the world and help you gain trust of clients and investors.

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