Middle East countries such as Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, and Kuwait are mostly popular for their oil and gas manufacturing industries. But construction companies are fast becoming a booming industry in the Middle East. If you have such a business then you must install a construction time-lapse camera at your project site. Monitoring large scale construction projects cannot be done manually because you cannot track the scenes behind the project. To help with this, you can cover your entire project area with time-lapse cameras. Time-lapse solutions can be provided to you by a time-lapse video company like Studio52. They can easily install high resolution cameras in every nook and corner of your project site.

Industries that Need Time-lapse Solutions

Seaport Construction and Operation: For seaport monitoring, you must install long term time-lapse cameras because they can prevent damage and protect your valuable products from sabotage. Also, we cannot predict the climatic changes at coastal areas and time-lapse cameras can provide you 24×7 surveillance¬†for all weather conditions.

Seaport Construction

Refinery and Power Plants: Middle East countries are popular for the petroleum industry and there are many oil and gas companies here. The time-lapse camera systems provided by Studio52 are wireless, and they use solar system and cloud computing to capture high resolution videos. These can be used in refineries and power plants to reduce the risk to your employees. These cameras can provide real-time videos of your employees and you can remove the factors which can lead to any fatal risk at your workplace.

Refinery and Power Plants

Civil: The construction business need to maintain certain safety regulations and if you do not regulate or monitor such safety measures then you can face some serious business hazards. Your employees can get affected by any accident on your project site and you will have to pay compensation to your employees in this regard. The reputation of your company will be at stake and you will have to pay huge penalties to the government. If all safety measures have been in place at your construction site, then you can prove that through time-lapse cameras. The construction process will be recorded by construction time-lapse cameras and you can use the video footages to prove that all security and safety measures have been in place.

Civil construction

Oil and Gas Industries: Similar to construction projects, you must install time-lapse cameras in your oil and gas factories because your business entails dealing with hazardous materials and you must maintain all safety features implemented by the government.

Oil and Gas Industries

You can also install time-lapse cameras in maritime industries, and in manufacturing units because every business needs security and safety which can be achieved by installing time-lapse cameras.

Written by Studio52 Timelapse