There is something truly magical about watching well done timelapse videos or stills. Whether it’s a fragile flower bursting through the ground to grow and blossom, or a mighty building thrusting up from it’s foundations or even the evolution of an important event, from prep to closing ceremony.

It’s not just a compelling technique. Time Lapse can do you a lot of good. It can document every step of complex construction. It can help yo to determine traffic patterns on roads, or inside shopping malls. It can illustrate how events, trade shows and conventions come together efficiently and it can track the logistics of virtually any long or short term project.

But magic doesn’t just happen. There’s a lot of hard engineering involved in magic.

That’s why the savvier CEOs and Communcication Directors always choose STUDIO 52 for timelapse magic. Studio 52 has specialized tech teams who can get the latest TL equipment, like solar powered, all weather cams; install it in the right places and most importantly monitor and maintain it for days, months, and sometimes years.

At the end of the day, the question to ask is not How STUDIO 52 can charge so little for such good time lapse work, but rather, how others can charge so much, for work that’s only half as good?




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