4 Ways To Optimize Your Interactive Voice Response System

05 August , 2016 by Rashida Saeed
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One of the chief objective of companies these days is to serve the needs of the clients in the best possible manner. For this requirement of an intensive customer service approach, almost all the companies these days use automated IVR systems.

There are many reasons to use such systems, one of these being its cost-effectiveness. Spending on an IVR System is affordable as compared to the high costs of getting customer service agents. Some companies use these systems along with the customer service representative so that there is an orderly flow for customer dealings.

IVR is a useful tool, but should be handled with utmost care so that it serves best to the client’s responses and queries. Here is a guide to help you optimize your Interactive Voice Response System in the best way possible.

1. Make Your CS representatives accessible to the customers

You would not wish to lose your customers just because of the fact that they are not able to get a chance to interact personally with any of your customer care executive. Sometimes, there are customers who are not very satisfied with the automated process. They may not be able to trust these systems all the time. In such situations, it is always helpful to have a customer care executive easily available for their help.
Patterns of the customer using IVR Systems also suggest that they are more comfortable with IVR Systems when there is an option to interact with the representative in the process.

2. Don’t Use A Complex Process

Using a complex path may agitate the customers and they can even lose their interest. Generally, it is suggested that an ideal path length should be just 3-4 steps away. Professionals keep it a point that the design of IVR Systems is user-friendly and easy to perform.
A little investment in the IVR System can increase the customer engagement and retention in multiple folds.

3. Keep the IVR scripts Updated

IVR Scripts work with a primary purpose to address to the customer’s problems and responses. Before fixing on the IVR Scripts, test them on the user. Also, such scripts should be evaluated every often so that the customers can avail the services as and when required.
One way to update the data is to evaluate the calls or earlier grievances and locate the problem areas of the customers. Optimize the areas of the problem areas so that customers have a easier way of solving their issues.

4. Speech recognition can be Helpful

The world relies on technology these days, thus using speech recognition tools can be very helpful for the customers to use IVR Systems. Make sure that you use state-of-the-art software from an efficient firm to be sure that your speech recognition is helpful. One key function of voice recognition is that it helps to reduce the steps in the process of IVR.

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4 Ways To Optimize Your Interactive Voice Response System

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