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Still indecisive on whether your company really needs to produce audio messages? ?

From telephone hold messages to interactive voice recording and voice over searches, audio is an integral part of marketing today. Audio is even more pertinent in the digital era now than ever before. Did you know that in the UAE, more than 4O% of people use voice search and voice commands as per stats in 2020?

Businesses have taken a hit in 2020 amidst the pandemic. This has expedited digital transformation and led to an even higher surge in the use of voice commands; reshaping the future of marketing forever. Engage your audiences with Studio 52’s professional cutting-edge audio production enhanced digitally and supported with music and voice-overs that suit your brand’s style and tone.

On-hold messages are crucial in customer relations because they have to be engaging enough so you don’t lose your customers while they wait. So, let us help you record the appropriate hold on messages, choose Studio52 a top-rated audio production company.
Interactive voice response technology enables you to communicate with your customers using pre recorded messages and auto-responses. So, with clear and crisp voices, let our professional and talented voice artists create your IVR message recordings. From multilingual to call center IVR recordings- We’ve got you!
Get to choose from the BIG team of our trained voice over artists with expertise in over 20 languages! For any Ads, Video scripts, or marketing communication requirements, let us know.
It's no doubt that radio media has been a successful and unstoppable marketing platform for decades. for targeting a large audience, a radio commercial is a fullproof way to hit it big. Let us help you record catchy, informative and fun radio commercials at Studio52.
Planning to scale across countries and even continents? Any global conglomerate that has been successful will preach the good news of the benefits of localization, translation and dubbing. Which is why we offer at par dubbing services to help ensure that you connect with your audiences beyond borders successfully.

Our Approach

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Have a script? Great! If not, draft with experts.
Script is a crucial element for any audio messages or recording. Our team of experts will help you communicate the right message to your audience.
Check out our library of talented voice overs.
Clear dialect and accent is important for accurate communications. Voice Over talents associated with Studio 52 carry years of experience and charm in their voice to capture the listeners.
Communicate in over 30 languages and customize consumer experiences.
Dubbing and Marketing with Localization ‘Personifies” a brand and a message. It Helps to connect the target market and employees on a deeper level.
Professional recording in state-of-the-art studios
Voice over recording in our modern, state-of-the-art studios. With the professional pool of talents.
Some of the best expert audio engineers will do their magic
Expert audio engineers at Studio 52 work on professional softwares creating SFX, surround sound and maintaining the crisp quality of the dialogue.
The final touch for an excellent outcome
A touch of magic with special effects for the best results at the final mix stage.
Get Set. Ready. Grow!
As a top-rated audio production company, we deliver the best final product to you.

Why Audios?

High Demand
From banking to hospitality and startups to large corporations, all sectors have taken a hit amidst COVID-19. This has led to a higher surge in the use of voice commands, making audio even more relevant today.
Stats and facts have it that people are 60% more engaged with audio content over written content. So, why bore your audience with written words when it can be said to them in just a few seconds? Engage your audience with professional, cutting-edge audio production that is enhanced digitally and supported with music that suits your brand’s style and tone.
Using sound, music and audio have been highly recommended by human psychologists because it creates a far more intriguing experience while reducing the chance of distraction. So, communicate with your audience in the most targeted manner with expert audio production with Studio 52.
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