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4 tips to make an effective Health and Safety video to achieve your organization’s goal

Every organization from any industry is obliged to follow a set of rules related to health and safety of the employees and everyone else associated with it. Some industries have high risk due to their complex production processes that involve risky tasks. Oil, Gas and Construction [...]

Top 5 Reasons to Live Stream Events

Without a doubt, streaming has put itself as one of the top content platforms over the last few years. However, it still has a lot of growth and potential to reach, so don’t stay out of the game. Many people have done a lot of streaming [...]

4 Best Ways to Use Animation in Corporate Training Videos

Employees are the core of any company. Their performance within a business will directly affect its development. Therefore, it's very clear that a trained employee will perform better than one without prior training. To be more exact, a trained employee works 6 times better than one [...]

Importance of IVR Service

Every business needs an excellent customer support system, and this relies upon how well you give the customers a satisfactory result to an important point by giving value to the customer’s time and providing them with a useful solution. 71% of customers would rather use the [...]

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Top 6 Reasons to Make Corporate Videos

The objective of all businesses is to create a major impact on as many potential clients as possible. Nowadays, we are really immersed in the era of images and videos, making a corporate video a very powerful tool. If a picture is worth a thousand words, [...]

Studio 52 is covering ADIPEC live event video for five consecutive years

This year, once again we covered event video at the ADIPEC Exhibition in Abu Dhabi. This is an important event that is offered as a meeting point for the oil and gas industries. We have covered the event and the presence of our partners live! In case you [...]