Is the UAE & Saudi Arabia construction Industry Missing Out?

19 November , 2021 by Rashida Saeed
Is the UAE construction industry missing out?

We keep a constant eye on the industry trends. Staying ahead of the competition is a journey. This week something caught our attention and we decided to share it with you. The UAE is becoming more interested in construction videos lately, surprising for a global development leader.

Is it about the format?

It’s clear that the format is not the issue. People on the middle east enjoy video content just as much as anywhere else. In fact, we’ve seen reports showing three times more consumption of video content than the USA. Executives appreciate work-related video content. Everything points to an aggressive need for construction videos. Yet, the interest is still not there.

Where did the evidence take us?

Finally, we had a breakthrough. Comparing keyword volume forecasts for “Construction videos” on both worldwide and the UAE we found something interesting. The CPC difference was astonishing. There is very little competition for the advertisement for construction video services in the UAE. It’s funny, construction video is one of our strongest verticals. Still, we focus on timelapse-related keywords.

Is the construction industry missing out?

That leads to a troublesome conclusion. The UAE’s construction industry is missing out on the leading strategy of the current marketing paradigm. After all, 93% of businesses reported gaining a new customer as a direct result of a video posted on social media (Animoto).

Now that we’re aware of the main issue – There is not enough awareness about construction videos on the UAE – We will certainly do our part on solving it. The question is, can we count on you to help? If your construction company doesn’t use video marketing campaigns yet visit our site or schedule a free consultation. +971-4-454-1054. Now, if your UAE-based construction company is already enjoying the benefits of video marketing please help us spread the world. 

The construction industry in the UAE has always been at the forefront of growth. The industry has significantly contributed to the country’s economic expansion, from building extensive infrastructure (highways, airports, ports, etc.) to tourism support projects (hotels, resorts, theme parks, etc.). 

In a recent survey, the construction market in the UAE surged to an impressive $94 billion in 2023 and is projected to grow at a remarkable rate of 3% between 2025 and 2028. Despite this substantial growth, the industry faces a notable lack of innovation.

If this innovation gap is addressed, a room for exponential growth is created. To drive effectiveness in construction projects, two areas need to be enhanced — marketing and project management. 

Time lapse video monitoring is a simple solution to improve both aspects. 

Let us understand how to elevate the marketing and monitoring standards of the construction industry with time lapse videos. 

How to Use Time Lapse Videos for Marketing 

A time lapse video is a fast-forward video of the construction’s development from start to finish. It effortlessly shows a project coming to life in an engaging video format. Engaging with a reputed time lapse video production company in UAE like Studio 52 allows you to partner with a team of experienced professionals to discuss project timelines, among other specifications, and ensure seamless and timely production of your construction time lapse video. 

Once the time-lapse video is ready, it can offer versatile use cases and opportunities, from product demonstration to promotion. It can be deployed in a number of ways. Here are some innovative ways to leverage time-lapse construction videos for marketing purposes:

  • Use time lapse videos to get more clients through the website:

To drive traffic to your website and improve its visibility in Google search results, consider integrating a time lapse construction video. Studies have shown that such videos can increase visitor retention by 88%, significantly boosting traffic and search engine rankings, thereby resulting in better lead generation. Therefore, leverage time lapse videos to enhance user engagement effectively and drive conversion.

  • Use time lapse videos for social media and PR:

Utilise time lapse videos for social media and public relations initiatives by combining captivating footage with drone shots, informative text overlays, and compelling voice overs to craft a compelling narrative. Leverage these videos for targeted advertisements and PR campaigns to showcase your projects and engage the audience effectively.

Furthermore, consider showcasing the time lapse videos at prominent industry conferences to generate excitement and interest among potential stakeholders. This strategic approach can help elevate the brand presence and establish credibility within the industry.

  • Use time lapse videos to build your brand image:

Deploying innovative construction practices and commitment to quality in a time lapse video, can contribute to establishing transparency and cultivating trust with potential clients. This approach facilitates the development of a brand that promotes transparency, quality, and innovation within the construction industry.

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How to Use Time Lapse Video Monitoring for Project Management 

To monitor the project, it is important to integrate time lapse video monitoring with construction project management systems like Procore, BIM 360, or Plangrid. This integration ensures that time lapse footage is automatically stored in the designated folder within these platforms. The footage can be accessed from the folders and used for evaluation. 

Here’s how you can leverage the benefits of time lapse video monitoring for streamlined project management:

1. Evaluate time lapse footage for progress tracking and identifying problems

Time lapse footage makes it easy to monitor productivity and see if the project is on schedule. Additionally, bottlenecks can be identified promptly by looking at the real-time footage and taking timely actions to ensure everything is on track and going according to the plan.

2. Use time lapse video monitoring to optimise resource allocation

You can get a comprehensive view of the availability of resources. By analysing that, one can determine what changes can be made to utilise manpower, materials, and equipment optimally. This way, resources can be used to their maximum potential and unnecessary delays can be avoided. 

3. Use time lapse videos to improve communication

Time lapse videos can improve both — internal and client communication. The footage has to be shared with a team to discuss the project and coordinate more efficiently. Likewise, share it with clients to provide them with an update on the project’s progress. It will keep them engaged and make them feel valued. Also, the chances of getting a referral will increase if this method of communication is implemented. 

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Are UAE and Saudi Arabian construction companies missing out on time lapse video monitoring? 

As a video production company, we have witnessed our clients’ growing adoption of construction time lapse videos. However, medium-scale construction businesses are still skeptical about implementing time lapse video production. One reason for this reluctance is a lack of awareness about the transformative impact of time lapse videos among the builders. Additionally, many overlook the importance of building their brand, which is crucial for long-term growth.

Cost concerns are also a significant factor affecting their perception. Time lapse video production is an expensive process. However, these videos are costly only at the initial stage. Later, they can be customised to suit the brand’s requirements on multiple platforms. 

Furthermore, there is limited availability of skilled production houses that excel at time lapse video production specifically for construction businesses. While the professionals are adept at capturing an effective time lapse video, they may lack the insights necessary to maximise the video’s impact. 

At Studio 52, we aim to address these challenges and help propel your construction business forward.  Our skilled professionals know the best angles for construction time lapse videos and have years of experience working in the industry.


Time lapse videos serve dual purposes. Firstly, you can utilise them on multiple platforms to market the construction business. Secondly, you can streamline your project management and make it more efficient with the help of time lapse video footage. 

Given the rapid growth of the UAE and Saudi Arabia construction industry, businesses in this sector should embrace innovative technologies like time lapse video monitoring to stay competitive and ensure a better position in the construction industry.

Collaborate with us to optimise your business’ growth and visibility with timelapse video monitoring. 


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Is the UAE & Saudi Arabia construction Industry Missing Out?

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