Time lapse Video Production: A Leading Edge Source for Corporate Video Presentations

13 March , 2024 by Rashida Saeed
Time lapse Video Production: A Leading Edge Source for Corporate Video Presentations

According to Idea Rocket, a user will spend 88% more time on your website if it contains videos. Also, the rate of video content shared on social media is 1200% more. Hence, businesses across the globe are using time-lapse videos in their marketing campaigns, promotions, product launches, and so on. 

The Advantages of Time Lapse for Businesses

The potential of time-lapse videos is wider than its visual appeal. It offers vast advantages like improved engagement, compelling storytelling, cost-effective marketing, and more. Let’s understand all the benefits one by one. 

  • Showcasing Expertise 

Time-lapse videos can help you show your operations in detail. It gives the viewers an insight into your approach and your expertise. Take Tesla, for instance. They have masterfully documented the construction of their giga-factories and the assembly line of the Tesla Model 3 in their time-lapse sequences. Videos like these reveal the scale of their operations and their expertise. 

Time-lapse videos also help you create a transparent brand image among your clients and customers. Consult our expert to leverage the potential of time-lapse videos. 

  • Boosting Engagement 

The digital landscape keeps changing every day. Especially with the availability of so much content online, it has become necessary to stand out to drive engagement. This is when time-lapse becomes effective. The fast-paced motion of time-lapse videos quickly captures viewers’ attention to boost engagement significantly.  

Lego uses the attention-grabbing ability of time-lapse videos to boost engagement. There are creators on Instagram who create content around Lego. These creators often post a time-lapse video of their Lego creations to hook their viewers. It sparks excitement and keeps their viewers engaged.

Whether a B2B or B2C business, you can leverage time-lapse videos to draw similar engagement and boost brand promotion.

  • Effortless Storytelling 

Time-lapse videos effectively capture processes. These processes are stories you show from its initial stage of conception to completion. When you accompany it with relevant images, text, and music, the complete video captivates the viewers and delivers the message effectively. 

Here’s an example of visual storytelling that uses time-lapse video to communicate the process.

(Things are moving really fast at Expo 2020 Dubai – Construction Timelapse)

This kind of large-scale time-lapse video has various corporate applications. For example, construction businesses can create videos similar to this one to involve the community. Healthcare and research facilities can benefit from time-lapse videos by capturing clinical trials and ongoing research. The time-lapse video can help them show their commitment to advancing healthcare effectively. 

Tap into the power of visual storytelling with time-lapse videos to enhance your business’s brand communication. Ready to leverage this leading-edge source to skyrocket your marketing?

  • Cost-effective Marketing

Time-lapse videos are cost-effective as you incur only a one-time expense. You can share the video on multiple platforms to reach diverse audiences. To repurpose your time-lapse video for different platforms, plan video production accordingly, keeping every platform’s requirements in mind. 

For example, you can use a time-lapse video on your website and repurpose the same video for YouTube as well. One way to do so is to combine your time-lapse video with a few drone shots or interviews involving upper-level management. 

The key to robust time-lapse video marketing is a powerful video content strategy. Let our experts create an impactful video strategy for you. Book a Free Consultation Call Today!

In the next section, let’s discuss tips for creating compelling time-lapse videos. 

Tips for Creating Effective Time-Lapse Videos

Time-lapse video production is a compelling medium for marketing your business. It has brought excellent results for our clients. Based on our years of experience executing time-lapse videos for companies, we will share a few tips on creating compelling videos for your business.

Planning and Storyboarding

Start by deciding the message you want to deliver with a time-lapse video. Ask yourself the purpose of creating a time-lapse video. As a video production company, we often ask our clients this question. Hence, we suggest you ask this question and narrow your target audience. The answer will help you with brainstorming ideas and creating a storyboard accordingly.

Choose the Right Interval and Camera Settings

Setting an ideal interval between frames is crucial for successfully capturing the essential aspects of a project. Keeping the intervals short will result in a high-speed time-lapse video that might not be visually appealing. Similarly, your time-lapse video will be too slow when intervals are shorter. Hence, determine the suitable interval settings based on the visual narrative you want to create.  

Enhance Visuals with Lighting and Composition

Lighting and composition are essential in enhancing the visual appeal of your time-lapse videos. So, check the footage and make sure the lighting is proper for time-lapse video photography. However, not all locations have lighting that complements time-lapse videos. You can correct it in post-production. 

In addition, ensure strategically planned composition to bring perspective and dimension to your time-lapse video. Look for the best angles and frames to elevate visuals with composition. 

Complement Your Time Lapse Video with Relevant Music and Sound Design

Adding music in time-lapse videos magically adds depth to the video and makes it more engaging. We witnessed it while creating time-lapse videos for our clients. As a result, we highly recommend integrating custom music or sound to make your time-lapse video more engaging. The music needs to match the pace of your time-lapse video. Opt for a custom sound that is helpful to build an emotional connection with the audience.

Always Add Branding Elements in Your Time Lapse Videos

Add your logo in time-lapse videos to maintain consistent branding and subtly market your business. Not having branding elements can sometimes lead to viewers not trusting the content. So, it is essential to use logos and other branding elements to build credibility and authority.


Time-lapse videos offer remarkable marketing potential. It is highly effective in boosting engagement and highly cost-efficient in terms of the impact it creates. Whether your organization operates in the B2B or B2C space, We highly recommend incorporating this modern marketing medium into your video content strategy.

We also recommend careful planning and storyboarding to maximize the effectiveness of your time-lapse videos. Pay attention to lighting and composition to enhance the visual appeal of your images. Remember to integrate branding components into your time-lapse videos to maintain credibility.

At Studio 52, we work with a talented team dedicated to designing, strategizing, and executing state-of-the-art video content tailored just for you. Consult with our team today to elevate your marketing efforts with timelapse video production – a leading resource for corporate businesses. 

In the digital age, every business requires a solid existence to generate valuable outcomes. Even if your business doesn’t exist online, it’s a mandate to pronounce your business attributes so as to make users aware.

To let your audience know about your brand, the time-lapse video production technique is the most advanced level process for showcasing your brand visually in a very short time. Video is the business-driven source for compelling storytelling of your brand from the initial stage that holds a strong persuasive form element.

A thoughtfully integrated visual footage of your brand through a time-lapse technique would facilitate viewers more effectively than any textual presence and even make them engage with what you are presenting.

What Time Lapse Video Production Exactly Is?

Time-lapse is a visual recording method of capturing photos and videos of any ongoing process that, in turn, appears to be moving in speed and thus lapsing when played. The interesting thing to be noticed in time-lapse is that it showcases every bit of the process clearly in a short period.

For instance, an ongoing construction site is the most comprehensive example of time-lapse. Time-lapse here captures a single process of development. It showcases a project’s work from the initial level to the end, letting you know whether the project has been accomplished progressively.

How can you Incorporate Time Lapse?

Well, incorporating time-lapse can powerfully boost your business platform if performed comprehensively. Even though time-lapse is not as complicated as it seems, it’s a time-consuming process that needs a high investment, too. A low investment may not fulfill your expectations. So, for a quality time-lapse video production, make yourself comfortable to spend as per requirement.

Also, it’s better to hire a professional time-lapse video production company to be guided comprehensively about how effectively you can show your business objective beautifully.

To get some ideas of how a time-lapse video technique is fruitful in building a business value, here are some great examples of time-lapse videos to watch… Timelapse Video Production Portfolio.


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Time lapse Video Production: A Leading Edge Source for Corporate Video Presentations

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