7 Types of Video to Achieve your Marketing Goals

15 September , 2019 by Rashida Saeed
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Sometimes, the multimedia world can seem difficult. When you want to make a video. You should start by identifying your goals. We suggest you write a single sentence where you describe the video’s purpose. But why is video content important to achieve your marketing goals? Nowadays, we are in a post-text world. In other words, video is dominating every channel. For that reason, if you want to increase online engagement and brand awareness. Don’t be afraid to create a video content strategy!

These are some examples of common types of video:

  • Engagement: This type of video wants to spark emotions and responses. Maybe a comment, share, and even a like.
  • Educate customers: The objective of this type of video is to show or explain to your customers how to do something.
  • Brand awareness: In these videos, your customers can know your brand. Usually, they have high-entertainment value. 

Now, you know your video purpose and the most common types of video. Are you ready to deepen them? Let’s do it!


1. Humorous video/skit

This type of video makes your audience feel happy. Because it gets to your customers to smile and laugh. This is great for your brand. It makes your video amusing and memorable.

2.  Video Vlog

This kind of video usually is filmed by a person. Who describes a particular topic. Maybe you think that only influencers could use this type of video. But the truth is a Vlog could be a useful tool for your video marketing strategy. We can give you an idea: What if one of our employees made a video? He could show the workplace or interview another member of the company, and so on. That will quickly give you a full picture of our company culture.

Educate Customers

3. Explainer/How-to

These videos explain processes and answer common questions. We recommend you to write a list of your customers’ questions. Choose one and make a short video explaining it. It will increase your brand credibility.

4. Testimonial – Case study

Your customers want to find an extraordinary story behind your brand. This type of video shows that. People love to see others using your product. For that reason, the case study is the king of conversion.

5. Product Review

Nowadays, nobody buys something without consulting the internet. For that reason, this type of video enhances the confidence of your customers. It is a good idea to ask an influencer to make a video with your products.

Brand awareness

6. Company culture/meet the team video

These videos show customers your company’s mission, values, and culture. This is important because it could enhance your customers’ loyalty. 

TV Commercial Video Production Dubai

7. Behind the scenes

Give your audience something exclusive. In these videos, your customers will enjoy the process behind the scenes of your project. It will be interesting for them and increase your brand credibility.

We want this list to inspire you to achieve your marketing goals. Now, you know that videos are an important tool in your marketing strategy. Choose your video direction and go for it!


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7 Types of Video to Achieve your Marketing Goals

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