How safety videos are beneficial for your organization

15 January , 2019 by Rashida Saeed
safety videos

Studio 52 has been working on safety training videos since 1977, to help employers reduce on the job accidents and injuries.

Our group of safety professionals has produced safety training videos for many different types of employers in a host of different industries. The emphasis of safety training video is to educate employees on basic safety skills & awareness.

Leading brand Grey wolf international, part of Precision Drilling Corporation implies video safety training for their employees. Afterward, deduce that the video-based safety training initiative proved to be a resounding success for their organization.

In this update, we will share a brief insight into how safety videos are beneficial for your organization.

It will surely help you to understand why safety video is a must for your workplace.

  • Better Understanding

With the safety video, there will be a better understanding of the safety measures & protocols that employees need to follow at the workplace.

Safety Training Videos campaign is highly effective because:

  • Videos are an engaging form of content.
  • Live demonstration of safety concept is possible
  • Employees can learn quickly.
  • Videos are easy to memorize.
  • Ease for employee/Employee flexibility:

Safety training video gives employees the flexibility to conduct a training session as per their convenience. In this way, their daily working won’t get disturbed which likely to happen with the live session.

  • Economical:

Safety videos are easy and cost-effective to produce as comparative to live training session as it eliminates the additional cost of a facility.

  • Remove Location Dependency

With safety video, you can remove the dependency on location, as employees can access videos anytime, anywhere without any location constraints.

This is beneficial for those organization having multiple branches, and they can provide safety videos to their employees for the training session.


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How safety videos are beneficial for your organization

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