You Don’t Take a Photograph You Make It- Corporate Product Photography

23 June , 2021 by Rashida Saeed

“You don’t take a photograph you make it”- Ansel Adams

Connecting the word art to Corporate Photography might seem misplaced to some, especially those exposed to the glamorous world of fashion photography. One might ask,” Where is the Art in Corporate Photography?”.

Art is subtle and most of the time omnipresent and not in your face. Any photographer worth his salt will know the importance of the skill required for making corporate creative shots for brochures and marketing materials. 

Corporate Photography usually doesn’t have enough content for a photographer to beautify the image hence his skills &  vision make corporate photography stand out from the clutter.

The representation through the art of photography needs to be such that when these pictures are shared on business sites and social media networks like LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, or more. The pictures should communicate their business & sharing images on business websites & collaterals like brochures, leaflets, and calendars. It’s important to captivate their target audience. 

Typical Subjects of Corporate Photography

Corporate Product PhotographySubjects of corporate product photography vary from a different range of creative products to industrial huge machines to individual smiling corporations.  New product lines can be extremely creative whereas others require the skills to make them look creative & visually appealing to the viewers.

Products to shoot can range from the aesthetic interior decoration companies, luxury products, food & beverage industry, or massive huge industrial machines to their final outcome products.

It’s the fine sense of art, eye for perfection, and innate creative skills which are blended with the technical knowledge to make the outcome of any product look distinctive, unique & hit the target audience. 

Images are the first point of contact with your clients & it’s important that they stand out of the clutter of innumerable visuals from the competitor available in the market. This inundated us every day, either on the internet or even in our daily lives.

Hence, while doing corporate photography it’s not just important to capture the product & its features but it’s extremely important to make it look aesthetically pleasing and meaningful for its target audience. 

The next time you pick up a company brochure that has pictures that grab your attention and tell a story: remember it is generally the inspiration and toil of a very skilled technician. A corporate photographer.

Corporate Headshots- Headshots feature the photographs of the senior members of a company, the CEOs, CXOs & the managers. These photographs are used in brochures, on social channels like LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, or Facebook, or, depending on the stature of the company/business might be in high demand between members of the journalism and electronic media community.

Headshots feature the photographs- Studio52

They are then used for publication and broadcasting purposes. PR and Corporate Communication departments of reputed companies organize photoshoots for spokesperson/s as well as important members of the Board or the Founder of an organization.

 A repository of such pictures is built over time. Most often, these pictures are used for Corporate Reputation Management or media profiling of an important company person. That builds trust for the Company amongst its clients or customers.

The photographer in charge of such photography needs to be extremely professional and punctual as they deal with very senior personnel who might even be big media personalities! The shoot needs to be conducted with efficiency and a sense of timeliness with perfection.

Handling a photoshoot with eminent members requires experience and people handling skills along with mastery over the craft! There are not many who have all these qualities in their repertoire. Hence having a professional team to do such shoots makes it all easy.

Corporate Photography and Shooting an Office- Often companies insist on a corporate photography shoot of a new office opening/shifting with the entire workforce. Photographs that convey movement are much in demand as the business wants to portray the positive impact that the new office had on its business & the workforce.

So shoots have to be organized and tailored in such a way that they represent the office in action. Such photographs are highly sought in organizations like Bpos and Kpos where there are a huge number of people working and visuals of busy employees create a positive impact when posted online or used on the company website.

The Corporate photographer is thus not only an artist who recreates his art time and again but is also a professional with high commercial sense and acumen. It’s not only the art but the product of the art and its subsequent usage that is of great importance to him.

“The principles of true art is not to portray, but to evoke”-Jerzy Kosinski

Studio52 and Corporate Photography- Studio52 has over four decades of experience in the art of creating content for organizations of all scales, ranging from the small to the giant global behemoths.

It is a leader in creative content production for the UAE as well as the MENA region. The company has accomplished numerous projects of Corporate Photography with fine distinction and finesse.

It houses a team and crew of extremely talented professionals who are well versed in the demands of technical, commercial, and artistic expressions through the discerning art of Corporate Photography.

We believe that Art is not what you see, but what makes others see.

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You Don’t Take a Photograph You Make It- Corporate Product Photography

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