Solve Customers’ Queries with Effective & Innovative Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

23 May , 2017 by Rashida Saeed
Innovative Interactive Voice Response

If technologies have taken huge leaps in all sectors, how can audio sector sit on back seat? Now, you may ask what such revolutions in audio industry are. Well, there are many, but to name major two revolutions.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) 2) Telephone Hold Messages (THM)

There is a lot to discuss on these topics. But let’s stick to IVR for this blogpost.

Let’s begin with the definition of IVR

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a telephonic system that assists businesses in categorizing calls of customers, helping customers by providing multiple options and transferring live call to right customer care representative.

Whether it is a huge company or a small company, IVR comes with a bundle of advantages for each of them. Such as, it helps you with better time management. A strategically and creatively planned IVR makes the task of handling customers’ calls easy. Not just that, it greets your callers, guide them in an accurate way and improve your customers’ experience. And to top of all, IVR boosts your brand image in the market.

Let’s see the major benefits that IVR offers

  • Deal with High Number of Callers

IVR technology automatically directs calls to a specific department, where the issues can resolve easily. Before talking to the concerned customer service representative, the waiting duration for callers decreases, because all callers are not standing in a single queue. The callers are segmented as per their needs. In fact, if you wish you can provide an option of returning to callers’ calls, so that callers don’t have to wait.

IVR technology

  • Cost Effective

Your callers are routed to an appropriate department automatically. So, why would you hire receptionist or a customer service agent who is the first one to answer calls or direct to other agents. Human resource can be replaced with IVR; and that leads to reduction of overall cost of company.

Cost Effective

  • Personalized Message

IVR helps you boost your relationship with your customers by personalizing your message with innovation and advanced technology. For example, your IVR is programmed in a way which addresses your caller by their name or they can choose that language in which they feel more comfortable while talking. There are many such personalized ways available for IVR depending on your industries.

IVR Recording

  • Productivity

With IVR, most of the process becomes automated like classifying calls, directing to a specific department and many other. Along with being cost effective, IVR also saves employees’ time and energy. Their time and energy can be utilized in a better way and that’s how company’s over productivity increases.


  • Boost to Customer Satisfaction

Customers can accomplish many tasks without agent intervention. Their issues get resolved quickly and professionally. A creative IVR give assurance to the callers that the brand cares for their customers and that leads to boost to customer satisfaction.

Customer Satisfaction

  • Enrich Brand Image

With IVR, you can give the touch of your brand in every response. It leaves an everlasting impression on your customers’ minds. In fact, very few of your competitors would be resolving their customers’ issues in this innovative and satisfactory way. And that enriches brand’s image.

Brand Image

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Solve Customers’ Queries with Effective & Innovative Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

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