Promo Video: Why You Should Make One & The Key Elements to Include

21 December , 2021 by Rashida Saeed
Promo Video Why You Should Make One & The Key Elements to Include- Studio52

Video gives you the unique capability to better connect with your audience. It creates opportunities that you won’t find with any other medium. You can use it to show that you are more than just another faceless company. In the current digital media landscape, video marketing is the most powerful arsenal any company can have.

A promo video is part of that arsenal. Today, we are going to cover what is a promo video, why you should make one, and what it should include, so it can benefit your overall marketing strategy.

Let’s dive in!

What is a Promo Video?

As the name suggests, a promo video is used by companies to promote specific marketing initiatives, sales, or events. Similar to a teaser video, promos are used to grab the audience’s attention and lure them in to learn more.

These videos are short, engaging pieces that explain the product or service in a simple way. What sets them apart from any other video is their use of storytelling and high quality. 

It’s been observed that almost 95% of internet users have watched one of these videos to learn more about a product or service. The number says it all!

Why Should You Make a Promo Video?

Promotional videos are so popular among the general audience that their significance cannot be overstated. We can give you not just one or two but 7 solid reasons for making a promo video.

  1. It Helps Explain Things Faster & Better

A promo video is the best kind of content when it comes to giving your audience the largest amount of information in the shortest amount of time. They hook the audience leaving them wanting to know more about your product or services.
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  1. It Encourages them to Take Action

These videos don’t just engage your audience but also prompt them to take action. Whether you want them to subscribe to your newsletter, fill a form, visit your online store, attend the webinar or download something, you can make them do all these and more through a strategically placed call to action.

  1. It Builds Trust

A promo video provides your audience with interesting and useful information, which can make it easier for them to purchase. Showcasing your product or service assists people in developing confidence in your brand. With a video like this, you can also approach devoted partners who would voluntarily recommend your brand to others.

  1. It Encourages Social Shares

As a video marketer, you must understand that people share emotions, not facts. If a brand’s video is entertaining, 76% of users are more likely to share it with their friends. And the number would continue to increase in the coming years as consumers get more interested in knowing more about the brands and creators they follow. So, now is the perfect time to create fun entertaining videos to encourage social shares.

  1. It Raises Brand Awareness

When brand colors, logos, and music are integrated well throughout the promo video, they can have a lasting impact on the audience, making it much easier for them to remember your brand. Adding an effective call to action to the promo videos can easily help you bring in new customers and inquiries.

  1. It Improves Your Brand Value

A promo video is also a great way to incorporate the personality of your business letting them know what you represent, along with the products or services you offer. Take, for example, the promo videos of Always and their hugely successful campaign #likeagirl that went viral with over 61 million views. There’s no mention of the brand name in the video, but by touching on something that most women and girls have experienced in life they try to attract their target audience. Such videos help people see the real you, and what you stand for, thus increasing your brand awareness and value.

  1. It can be Used Anywhere

Marketers know the importance of a promo video, which is why they often call this kind of video “multi-platform”. Videos like these can be used on any platform – social media accounts, YouTube platform, website, emails – with the same kind of positive result from your audience. So, no matter where you use a promo video it will fetch you good results.

Key Elements to Include in Your Promotional Video

Whether you are a Fortune 500 company, a small business, a not-for-profit organization, or just an individual there are several key elements that you must include in your promo video.

  1. Clear Goals

It’s very important to have clear goals regarding what you want your target audience to do. You need to figure out what you want to achieve with this video. Click-throughs? Brand awareness? Conversions? Event Sign-ups? For conversions you need a video with a strong call to action whereas if your goal is creating brand awareness, you need to focus on a memorable creative that stays with viewers long after the video ends, like the example we gave above for the brand “Always”.

  1. Clearly Defined Target Audience

It’s very important to know your intended audience. Based on this information, you will know how to frame the story behind it and which benefits to highlight. If you know what are the problems your target audience is struggling with, it will be easier for you to create content that meets their every need.

  1. Customized Video

Branded content is very important. Including your brand’s logo, official colors, music, etc gives credibility to your product. If you want to make a video that sticks with your audience, you need to develop characters that behave and look like your buyer personas. If you are not able to find a perfect actor for your video, you can always go with the animation. Backed by voice actors that are native to your target audience’s location you are bound to succeed.

  1. Emotion

Videos that trigger emotions perform much better with any audience and are twice as likely to be shared on social media sites. So, create content that makes people smile, giggle, feel proud, empathize, or stirs up a sense of nostalgia. Show people how your product or service affects them emotionally rather than showing what it can do. We agree that it’s not easy to add emotion to all videos but if you can add even a little bit of emotive element to your content, you should.

  1. A compelling CTA

Ensure that the end of the video is not the end of the road for your audience. Give them more with a strong call to action. This way those who really liked your product or service would come to your website and check everything in detail and get converted into a customer. If you leave them hanging at the end of the video the whole purpose of the promo video would be lost.

  1. Professional Quality

Now many might say that you can shoot a promo right with your camera or any DSLR. But, do you want your video to be just another number in 400 hours of video being uploaded every second? Will they stop and watch a poorly shot video or the high-quality one that engages them and keeps them wanting to know more about the product? A video that’s going to introduce you or your product to the audience should be produced professionally.

  1. Include Quality B-Roll

The advantage of a professional promo video production is that you can include a quality B-roll. The main value of B-roll is that it keeps the audience engaged. Viewers tend to get bored of your content if it focuses on the same shot for 10 seconds or more. Adding a B-roll keeps the audience interested so they watch longer.

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Wrapping UP

Promo videos are not like blockbuster movies. If you know the key elements that they must have, you can definitely create one. The only thing that matters is it should look professional, crisp, and error-free.

With over 5000 videos in our kitty, promotional video production company can make one for you that meets all the criteria mentioned above. Whether you need animated or live-action videos, professional voice actors, seamlessly blended brand jingle, or captivating B-rolls we have the logistics to get it all done without much hassle from your end. Contact us or browse through our gallery to get the partnership started!


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Promo Video: Why You Should Make One & The Key Elements to Include

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