Amazing Benefits Promotional Video Brings to The Table

06 February , 2024 by Rashida Saeed

Did you know that a staggering 1,830 hours of video content gets published on YouTube every 10 minutes? By the time you’re finished reading this one, this is the amount of video content that will be freshly out there! 

This striking fact underscores our current era’s undeniable focus on video content, a trend that extends well beyond mere entertainment value. Businesses are increasingly capitalising on the power of video content to distinguish themselves amidst the sea of marketing materials. If you’re yet to embrace this movement, you’re overlooking a transformative marketing strategy with the potential to elevate your sales and revenue.

Within the following guide, we will delve into the reasons why integrating videos into your marketing approach is imperative for your business! So, let’s jump right in. 

They Boost the Sales

The giants in the e-commerce sector, such as eBay and Amazon, provide us with some great insights — the inclusion of video promotions with product details enhances the likelihood of the product being sold. The empirical evidence gleaned from these industry giants asserts that the strategic inclusion of video content results in a substantial uptick of more than 35 percent in the conversion rate, propelling prospective buyers toward the decisive act of making a purchase.

This revelation not only underscores the undeniable sway of visual content in the digital landscape but also serves as a compelling testament to the power of multimedia engagement in influencing consumer behaviour. The symbiotic relationship between the textual and the visual components within product listings transcends the realm of static descriptions and ventures into the dynamic, immersive territory of video presentations.

As the digital shopping landscape continually evolves, these insights provide a call to businesses and enterprises of all sizes, urging them to recognize the pivotal role that video content plays in bridging the gap between potential customers and the products they seek.

They Begin Social Conversations

When individuals come across a video promotion that captures their attention or holds significance, they are inclined to share it within their social media circles. In a striking testament to the power of this phenomenon, Twitter alone witnesses the sharing of more than 700 videos every single minute. 

This phenomenon underscores the remarkable potential inherent in video promotions, as they can swiftly and substantially amplify your reach, bestowing upon you the invaluable advantage of heightened exposure within a matter of minutes.

They Attract Mobile Users

As businesses disseminate their short video content, a noteworthy trend surfaces: a staggering 88 percent of these succinct yet impactful videos are consumed through the lens of mobile devices, diverging significantly from the viewership patterns observed on personal computers.

This mobile-centric viewership phenomenon bears testament to the increased media consumption. These devices align seamlessly with the fast-paced, on-the-go lifestyles that many individuals lead today, allowing them to effortlessly engage with content regardless of their physical location.

They Rate Awesome in Search Engines

By distributing videos through social media channels, embedding them within blog posts, and seamlessly integrating them into your website, you effectively amplify the likelihood of your target audience discovering your online presence when seeking relevant information.

It’s the video’s ability to capture attention and deliver valuable insights that make it such a treasure tool. This manifests in the algorithms’ discerning evaluation of various content formats, and it positions video content as a pivotal asset to ascend the ranks of search engine result pages.

Strategic dissemination of videos across multiple platforms capitalises on the vast reach and engagement potential offered by social media networks. These platforms serve as conduits through which your video content can effortlessly traverse, enabling it to resonate with a broader audience, and nurturing the possibility of your brand’s message reaching those who seek the insights you provide.

They Bring Actual Value

Rather than consistently engaging in sales calls with each new prospect, a more efficient approach involves crafting a video landing page on your website that effectively automates the sales process.

This ingenious strategy employs a video landing page to educate potential customers about your product and visually demonstrate its inherent value. By presenting comprehensive information and captivating visuals within this dedicated space, you obviate the need for frequently making sales calls solely to address rudimentary queries that could be swiftly resolved through a succinct three-minute video presentation.

This approach doesn’t advocate for discarding sales calls entirely; instead, it redefines their role. Post-viewing of your informative videos, the subsequent step involves initiating a discovery call. This transition in the sales process ensures that your interactions with prospects are more refined, focused on delving deeper into their specific needs and aligning your product’s features with their requirements.

In this innovative paradigm, the sole focus of marketing departments should be on generating compelling content that drives substantial traffic towards the designated landing page. By propelling a consistent flow of intrigued visitors, you foster an environment where videos can truly shine, engaging and informing prospects, getting them closer to that buying decision.


Promotional videos are undeniably significant, evident from their widespread integration into business strategies. A 2023 survey shows how remarkable 86% of businesses have embraced video marketing, acknowledging its potent audience engagement. Likewise, 93% of marketers recognize videos as a cornerstone of contemporary marketing.

Consumers, too, actively seek video content, with 84% admitting its influence on purchasing decisions. This synergy establishes video as a conduit for brand value communication, conversions, and competitive edge.

Integrating video marketing isn’t just an option but a strategic imperative! Partnering with Studio-52 enhances this strategy, empowering brands to create captivating videos that drive active engagement. These videos result from compelling storytelling, resonating with audiences on a whole different level. 

Ready to transform your brand with captivating promotional videos? Elevate your marketing game with Studio52’s expertise.


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Amazing Benefits Promotional Video Brings to The Table

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