Follow these 11 steps to create a perfect promo video

26 July , 2022 by Rashida Saeed
Follow these 11 steps to create a perfect promo video

Videos have always had more impact on the viewers as opposed to texts. Visuals provide more information and grab people’s attention easily; which is the reason that more and more marketers are leaning towards video marketing to promote their products or service.

The benefits involved in using video marketing for sales or promotion are endless and reports suggest that 83% of marketers across the world are using videos for a positive ROI. Using videos helps in showcasing products and services in a unique and creative way and also influences customers to take action.

However, Promo Video Production helps to ace any marketing efforts that prove to be a hassle for companies. Making stunning promo videos requires expertise and knowledge of effects and more. Below are a few guidelines that someone looking to make an impactful video promo in UAE should follow:


  1. Know your end goal: The first and foremost thing to keep in mind before making a corporate promo video is to have a concise goal in mind. Before you even start working on the script, the question you would want to answer is ‘why’ you want to make this video. Video promos might take a chunk out of a company’s budget, so it is extremely imperative to be very clear with your goals, so that the money spent does not go to waste. Eg. If a company wants a promo video to launch a new product or service, they will need to know the customer segment they are targeting. Once this information is clear, a video can be made keeping these customer’s preferences in mind. This way the final video made will actually make the customers connect to the product/service and then actually get them to buy it.One must also make sure that if there are multiple goals to be targeted at, multiple promo videos should be made to fulfill each goal. This way the customers will not be divided or confused and the video will be short and clear.
  1. Setting the tone: After the company or business is clear on why they are making the promo video and what is the purpose behind it, they need to set the tone of the video. The tone is the character or attitude of the video, that will also make the audience feel connected towards the business. Whether you are making the video in the form or a story or mere information? Whether you want the video to be more amusing or emotional? All of this will be decided by the tone. A few tones that a video can have are dramatic, informative, click bait, humorous, quirky, conversational, entertaining, etc.
  1. Length of the video: This is an extremely important step, as the length of the video is everything. Even if you think, a length cannot be decided without the scripting, it is vital to know it beforehand. Without knowing the length, the video is likely to end up either too long, which will become boring for the viewers; or too short, which will not contain all the information you are willing to provide.Once you have the length in mind, the next stages can be planned based on the length. This way every important point can be covered within that time limit. Not just this, without having the time limit in mind, you will probably have to cut down the video once it’s ready, which will take extra time, money and production. The length of the video also depends on the medium the video will be showcased on. For eg. If the video needs to be shown as a TV commercial or, it needs to be short and sweet, whereas if it has to be a YouTube video, it can be longer with all the required information in detail. Soon after this step, it is now time to work on the visual part of the promo.
  1. The style of the video: After setting the goal and length, you need to decide on the style of the video. This means you need to decide on what the video looks like. The visual style of the video can be anything from being animated, live, whiteboard, camera roll or involving real people. A video can also be an amalgamation of on-two or all the above types.
  1. Working on the outline: Now that we have the idea of what we want and where we want it to go on, it’s now time to start working on the detailing on the video. Working backwards is the best way to go for this step. For eg. Before actually working on the script, you can work on the concept by noting it down in a piece of paper. This will make it easier to refer once you have reached the earlier stages.
  1. Script details: Script details like deciding on how many scenes you would like your promo video to have, where all it will be shot in and the different characters that your story will contain, then needs to be worked on. This will ofcourse vary from the type of video you are producing. For eg. If it’s a conversational video, it can be shot in a single studio location with 2 or more people talking to each other.Deciding on other details including the background music, voice over, on screen text, products or props that will be featured in the video, are also a part of this step.
  1. Call to action: This is the most important part, as the CTA will help one know the video’s impact. A call to action is the last message that you leave your viewers with. A CTA can be another video for them to go on or some link for them to follow or order.
  1. Scription: Here comes the main part of your promo video making. Script writing is the make a break for your process. If the script is impactful and engaging, it will make the video a success. The script writer you choose for your video should clearly know your business and company. If they know your business, they will be able to write a script directing to the right audience.The script has to have the different scenes and should be divided into the audio and visual format. For every audio, there will be a visual that goes with it. The audio can either be the voice over or a dialogue.A perfect script will also include the characters’ entry and exit, the location visuals, expressions of the characters, etc.
  1. Storyboard: Now that the script is ready to go and has received a final go ahead from the bosses, the storyboarding is working on the illustrations or images that will be displayed in every sequence from the promo. This is basically done for the purpose of pre-visualization of the video. This works best when you are working on an animated video and with visuals ready beforehand, one can get the animation perfectly while editing.
  1. Production: A promotional video production is basically done by professionals who are an expert in the field. Hiring a video production company will make sure that your promo video is targeted and distributed correctly and it reaches the right number of people. The video will be produced by an expert who knows the in and out of production and knows how to play with visuals for a better result. Studio52 is the most popular promo video company in UAE that offers corporate promo video services and has a team of skilled producers who are the most sought after in the industry.
  1. Post-production: Post production is the stage that comes after the shooting for the film is completed and it is ready to be taken out into the world. The steps that the post-production stage involves is merging scenes with the help of editing, syncing audio and video, and adding special effects if any. Here is where you need a skilled editor who brings your dream become a reality. The editor will also work on the background sound or music of the promo. Not everyone knows that a promo cannot just have any kind of music. It has to be specifically related to the visuals and the one that is free from any copyright. The right editor will know all this and will be the right person to deal with it. 

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Once the company is well-versed with these steps, the promo video will give out the best results. From the time you get the idea to make a promo for your business, to the time it is released, it is a long process. While once can do it on their own, it is always better to hire an agency that knows what it does. The right kind of corporate promo video will not only make your business reach more customers, but will also help in getting more sales and in turn increase revenue.


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Follow these 11 steps to create a perfect promo video

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