9 Tips to Help You Make Professional Videos for Your Business

16 February , 2020 by Rashida Saeed
Professional Videos for Your Business

If you want to help your business grow and develop, you have to make yourself known. There are a ton of ways of doing this. The one we’ll be discussing in this article are professional videos. Maybe you’re a bit skeptical about this but don’t worry, we’re living in the digital age. Because of this, making videos is a great option to get your name out there. So we’ll present you with the best tips to make professional videos for your business. Ready? Let’s begin:

1. Picking Your Ideal Equipment to Create Professional Videos for Your Business

Before making videos, you have to gather equipment. You’ll have to establish a budget and choose some tools. Tools like a camera, a microphone for audio, and lighting hardware. It might seem difficult, but you can easily create an inventory if you follow a budget. Always remember that you don’t necessarily need the most expensive equipment. It’s better if you have a low price camera that you know how to use instead of something you can’t use to the fullest. As a result, you’ll be able to create videos quickly and most importantly, enjoy it more.

On the other hand, you’ll have to prioritize your equipment in this order: audio, video, and lighting. Lastly, don’t be scared to improvise. Instead of spending money on a tripod, you can use a stack of books that works just as well. By following these steps you’ll be able to create professional videos for your business economically.

2. Camera Options to Make Your Videos Look Good

Depending on your budget and the kind of videos you want to create, consider your options. From a simple web camera to a reflex digital camera for filming. Some of the simplest options include a smartphone, video camera, and the aforementioned reflex digital camera. Research their functionality and choose based on what you want. With the right camera choice, your professional videos will look great.

3. High-Quality Audio for Your Videos is Important

Maybe you have a killer video, but bad audio will affect its appeal big time. You must match video and audio quality. You can achieve this by investing in a good microphone. Like cameras, you have many microphone options. It’s just a matter of choosing what you need. Brands like Audio-Technica, JBL or Blue Microphones are pretty good, so try looking into them.

4. Have an Editing Program

Choose programs like iMovie and Windows Movie Maker to make the videos very easily and in an instant. If you don’t know which program to use, this article will help you: The Best Video Editing Software for 2020

5. Choose a Topic

Even though this isn’t equipment, it’s probably the most important aspect of the final product. Before recording, you have to take these aspects into consideration: topic, purpose, target audience, and script. If you nail this, the video will turn out pretty good.

6. Record the Video

Now it’s time to record. The first important step in this stage is to choose a background. You can maybe record with a white wall or a piece of paper if you want a white background. The background will become a key aspect if you use the same one all the time. Camera placement is very simple but also really important. Make sure you’re pointing it to the area where the person will speak.

7. Lighting

Remember that the ideal positioning is to put three lights in different places to record optimal images. These places are one behind the camera, one to your left, and one to your right.

8. Recording Place

Make sure that where you’re recording the video is quiet. Background noise is a big problem for the quality of your content.

9. Edit the Video

Last but not least, it’s time to edit the video! It’s a perfect time to add music or other effects if you want. Don’t worry, editing software is very user-friendly and you’ll be able to do this process without any trouble. 

There you have it! The best tips to help you make professional videos for your business. If you have any further doubts, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Studio 52.


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9 Tips to Help You Make Professional Videos for Your Business

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