How animation videos help your business?

26 July , 2020 by Rashida Saeed
animation video

The business world is now a digital world where technology serves a pivotal position. Just as marketing and selling trends are changing, you can see more and more businesses opting for animation videos. A good animated explainer video production company can help you achieve a competitive advantage in a way like never before. Animation video entails the power of humanizing your brand, educating your customers, and promoting your products. 

As Dubai is transforming into an attraction for corporate giants, competition is proliferating at an ever-increasing rate. The result is a huge digital marketing industry and animation video production DubaiMultiple marketing agencies are dealing with making creative and innovative videos. But the right agency can make the right video for you. If you still need a convincing discussion for animation videos, you need a good read of the flowing content. You will be overwhelmed by the profound effects animation videos can put on your business. Let’s start with the basics. 

The power pill for your business

Statistics can best convince you to choose the animation video. 

  • A landing page with an animation video has the potential to increase the conversions by 80%
  • Online purchase rate after viewing a catchy animated video is 64%
  • Online activity record shows 1/3 of screen time are spent watching videos.
  • 50% of executives look to gather more information when they see a product or service in an animated video
  • YouTube video hours are more than your imagination. It is around 3 billion hours of video per month. 

Aren’t these statistics enough for any business to look for animation video production Dubai, as Dubai proves to be one of the most competitive business hubs?


 Storyteller for your business

The traditional business world was very much dependent upon the manual ways of approaching the customers. The physical barrier between the company and its customers hindered many platforms of progress. Digital content marketing has cut this connection shirt. Make an animated video and tell your story. There is no more a need to make large product descriptions and reaching to customers. 

A rightly chosen animated explainer video production company will tell your story in the most narrative and comprehensive style. The experts believe that video is not an option to accessorize your homepage. Animated Video is driven by a marketing philosophy and follows the overall business strategy. Make an animated video that executes your business strategy and tells your story. 

Your brand gets a new life

Animation video gives you the power to slide the scales and twist the laws of nature. With the help of animated videos, you can provide a new life to your brand. The video explains much more than what was described through a mere logo or tag line of your product. You can run wild with an animated video. Sometimes explaining a complex concept through words is no easy. Animated videos remove this barrier. It demonstrates your brainchild to your customer so that the purchasing decision becomes smooth and prompt. 

A transition from abstract to concrete

Imagine viewing the close up of a guy, then zooming out to display a crowd, then castigating up into the stratosphere for the gigantic top view. And then taking it a step further, you zoom out towards a bright galaxy. These words could not help you with the view, but if I put all this into an animated video, it would have been interesting and appealing. 

This is the power of animated video to make a shift from abstract to concrete. All brand information that is supposed to be abstract is shifted to concrete reality with animated video. 

Filtration of digital noise

In the domain of digital marketing agencies, animation video production Dubaiis most critical. The reason is obvious. Dubai attracts more business ventures and hence more customers. But more population means more competition. As the digital world means a global competition, thus the noisy content from all over the web is supposed to hinder your way of progress. 

Content shock is a major challenge of the digital business world organizations. But with the ever-increasing occurrence of “noise” in this digital space, digital content creators face the challenge of making their content distinguishable and innovative. Animated videos are the best medium to filter this digital content. Animated videos can better surpass many pop ads and banners appearing here and there over the smart gadgets. 

Make your content psychologically appealing

One of the earliest fondest) memories when we grew up as kids were to watch cartoons. Cartoons are more like moving images, hence captivating because of their engaging and colorful outlook. No matter how introverted a person is, he cannot resist the psychological appeal made by an animated video. 

If you want your customers to connect with the content and image of your business emotionally, an animated video is the best investment. You can just hit the psychological triggers of your consumers with images moving over their screens.

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How can you forget Cost-Effectiveness?

Now you may think of making a traditional video ad for your company. Almost 41% of conventional marketers report a lack of budget as to why they do not use conventional video ads in the marketing campaign. 

Live-action video cost includes finding suitable actors, an appropriate location to shoot the video, technical equipment, and production costs.

Animated video just costs you the fee charged by the animated explainer video production company and monthly subscription. So you can never overlook the cost-effectiveness of promotional videos. 

Animated video is a versatile and dynamic medium that has the utmost potential to elevate your business story to an innovative level. You cannot call it simply a video; it is a multidimensional and multipurpose tool of today’s corporate world. It offers an appealing and fun alternative to your digital content. Try to choose an animated explainer video production company that is not impeded by customary constraints of surrounding live-action video. A rightly made animation video upgrades static infographics and makes it a highly appealing “guided tour” of your business strategy. Upgrade your business’s visual content today by using the influence of animated videos.



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How animation videos help your business?

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