Corporate Video Production in 2024 is Set to Affect Every Business. Here’s how

06 March , 2017 by Rashida Saeed
Corporate video production

2017 will be a year of video marketing. Corporate videos in 2024 will see a huge surge in demand. Especially across Middle East, corporate video production companies are being highly sought after. Just search corporate video production UAE or corporate video production house Dubai or corporate video production companies in Dubai in Google and you will know how well it’s trending. This increasing surge in popularity of video can be credited to the era of digitization. Internet and digitization has given rise to new mediums of communication that are conducive to video format. Hence, if you want to grow your business rapidly and influence your existing and potential customers, corporate videos will pay a vital role in the coming times.

corporate video

So first, let’s begin with, what is a corporate video?

Corporate video is any video through which a company, organization or institute can promote their business, products, services, vision, values, ideology, culture, and event.

Why corporate video production in 2024 will be a huge hit?

Growing demand of smartphones

Smart phone sale has grown to unprecedented levels. Due that, content consumption trend over internet has shifted to mobile devices and videos, being easy to view and share, are at the centre of it. In fact, 92% of mobile video consumers share video with others.

Increasing popularity of YouTube

YouTube is today world’s 2nd most popular search engine. Not just consumers, but entrepreneurs are also concerned about presence of their business on YouTube. Marketers are frequently searching for best corporate videos 2017 and with YouTube taking over internet, video content is sure gain more momentum.

Emergence of virtual reality

Businesses all over the world are benefiting from virtual reality videos. And why not, if you are in a business where consumer experience is fundamental to consumption, then virtual reality is Holy Grail for you, because with virtual reality videos you can give your consumers a glimpse into actual product or service experience.

Live video broadcasting

Social media platform like Facebook and Instagram have lately rolled out a new feature, broadcasting a live video to audiences. With this you can show live coverage of events or organize live conferences. Many businesses have benefited from this live video streaming feature, and more inventive ways to come out to utilize this service as more players experiment with it.

In whichever part of the world you live in, you cannot stay unaffected from growing importance of corporate videos. Better you brace yourself to reap the benefits of this growing trend.

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Corporate Video Production in 2024 is Set to Affect Every Business. Here’s how

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