Why You Should Seriously Consider Promotional Video in 2023

24 July , 2023 by Rashida Saeed
Why You Should Seriously Consider Promotional Video in 2023

A staggering 86% of businesses now incorporate video marketing into their overall marketing strategies, demonstrating its widespread adoption. Moreover, an impressive 93% of marketers acknowledge the significance of video marketing, recognizing it as a vital component of their marketing efforts.

And it’s not just marketers who appreciate the impact of video marketing. Consumers are actively seeking out video content, with 84% stating that marketing videos often sway their purchasing decisions. Videos are more likely to be shared compared to other forms of content. Cisco predicts that by 2023 video content will dominate online traffic, accounting for approximately 80% of all traffic online.

These statistics underscore the effectiveness of video marketing — both from a marketer’s perspective and in capturing the attention and engagement of consumers. As we venture into 2023, embracing video marketing as a central element of your marketing strategy is crucial for maximising brand exposure, driving conversions, and staying ahead of the competition.

Why Promotional Videos Are Important

Video marketing in 2023 is no longer just an optional add-on, but a necessity to effectively engage and connect with audiences. Videos have the power to captivate viewers, convey messages more dynamically, and leave a lasting impression. They enable businesses to showcase their products, services, and brand personality.

The significance of video in marketing strategies cannot be ignored, as evidenced by 92% of marketers recognizing its importance. With the continuous advancement and increasing affordability of technology, this adoption rate is only expected to rise further.

Let’s dive deeper into how and why of promotional videos – 

Customers Love Videos

The popularity of video can be attributed to ease of consumption, and the ability to educate and entertain simultaneously. Individuals spend an average of 19 hours a week watching online videos, and 73% of people demand short videos when learning about a new product or service. 

This preference for video content highlights its effectiveness in engagingly conveying information. As consumers increasingly turn to online platforms, businesses have recognized the value of incorporating video into their marketing strategies to capture their attention.

Mobile video consumption on YouTube has experienced an impressive 100% yearly increase, indicating the growing popularity of video content on mobile devices. This trend underscores the importance of optimising video content for mobile viewing.

It Can Boost Conversion Rates

The impact of incorporating video into your marketing strategy is profound, as indicated by HubSpot’s research showing that including video on landing pages can boost conversions by an impressive 80%!

The persuasive nature of video presentations can sway purchasing decisions and transform passive website visitors into active leads. By engaging viewers through captivating visuals and compelling storytelling, videos create a more immersive and memorable experience compared to traditional text-based content.

Furthermore, videos can bring your brand to life and establish a personal connection with viewers. Whether it’s through demonstrating your product’s features or sharing customer success stories, videos create an emotional connection that resonates with potential customers and fosters a sense of authenticity.

By leveraging the power of video, businesses can captivate their audience and drive meaningful results in today’s competitive digital landscape.

It’s Highly Shareable

An astonishing 92% of mobile video users actively engage in sharing videos with their peers.

Embrace this golden opportunity to showcase your business in a delightful and captivating manner. Video marketing is on the rise, and the boundaries of your creativity are the only limits you face. Remember, video content isn’t exclusive to established brands; it’s an avenue for everyone to explore and benefit from.

It Gets Everything Else Improved

We find ourselves bombarded with countless emails, and this makes it increasingly difficult to capture people’s attention and get them to open.

Here’s food for thought though — simply incorporating the word “video” into your email subject line can work wonders by significantly boosting open rates and reducing sign-up barriers. In fact, including a video within an email has been shown to yield a remarkable 200-300% increase in click-through rates.

And let’s face it, in most cases, it’s undeniably more effortless to watch a video than to sit down and digest a lengthy text. This is particularly effective when demonstrating the product or conveying something that is not easily described through writing alone. You can now achieve an impact that surpasses the limitations of written content.

Helps You Rank Better

Captivating content that captures the interest of viewers holds tremendous value. Nothing quite entices users to delve deeper into web pages like the allure of a well-crafted video.

Moreover, when you distribute your videos not only on your website but also on platforms like YouTube, you significantly amplify your visibility and enhance the likelihood of appearing prominently in search results. This strategic approach broadens your reach and maximises your chances of being discovered by a wider audience.


Videos provide businesses with a unique opportunity to forge personal and professional connections with their customers.

Through a variety of video formats such as explainer videos, instructional guides, product demonstrations, virtual tours, introductions to team members, and onboarding materials, businesses can engage their audience and foster trust. These diverse video applications showcase your expertise — they also position your brand as a frontrunner in your industry, allowing you to strengthen relationships with your customers and establish your brand as a trusted leader.

How Studio52 Can Help You?

Promotional videos serve as dynamic marketing assets, specifically created to highlight and publicise a company’s initiatives, promotions, or events. These videos play a crucial role in generating excitement and anticipation by serving as intriguing teasers. By integrating video communication into their online marketing strategies, businesses can precisely target their desired audience and enhance their overall promotional endeavours.

As one of the top promo video production services in the UAE, Studio-52 takes pride in being a highly competent and dependable production company. Our expertise lies in crafting captivating videos that engage the intended audience. Through our meticulously crafted promo videos, we drive profitable actions, motivating viewers to take the desired course of action.

By partnering with Studio-52, businesses can unlock the full potential of video marketing and establish meaningful connections with their target market, ultimately achieving their marketing objectives. Trust us to deliver compelling promo videos that elevate your brand and drive impactful results.


The importance of promotional videos cannot be overstated. As evidenced by the widespread adoption of video marketing, with 86% of businesses incorporating it into their strategies, and the recognition from 93% of marketers, video has become a vital tool for engaging audiences. 

Consumers themselves seek out video content, with 84% admitting that marketing videos influence their purchasing decisions.

Therefore, embracing video marketing as a core element of your strategy is crucial for brand exposure, conversions, and staying ahead of the competition. By partnering with Studio-52, businesses can leverage the expertise of a leading promo video production company, crafting captivating videos that drive profitable actions and connect with their target market effectively.

Create your next marketing video goldmine with us!


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Why You Should Seriously Consider Promotional Video in 2023

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